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Dear Customer:
Congratulations on purchasing a high quality Rollei product. You have
chosen a modern Sunglasses Cam with excellent technical equipment
and related accessories that is particularly easy to use. Please read all the
instructions carefully and thoroughly. Pay particular attention to all safety
You have a two year warranty on the device.
If the Sunglasses Cam should ever break down, you will need the enclosed
warranty card and your purchase receipt. Store them carefully with the
operating instructions. When passing the device on to a third party, be sure
to include the instruction manual.
1. Package Contents
Unpack the Sunglasses Cam carefully and check that all the items listed below are
1. Rollei Sunglasses Cam
2. 4 GB microSD memory card, including SD card adapter
3. USB cable
4. 2 additional interchangeable lenses
5. Cleaning cloth
6. Bag
7. Warranty and service documents
Rollei Sunglasses Cam 1003
2. Table of Contents
1. Introduction and Package Contents 2
2. Table of Contents 3
3. Notes Regarding Risks, Safety and Warnings 4
4. Welcome to Your Sunglasses Cam 7
Front view 7
Controls 7
Changing the lenses 8
5. Descriptions of Functions 9
5.1. Inserting a memory card 9
5.2. Charging the battery 10
5.3. Switching the Sunglasses Cam on and off 11
5.4. Setting the date and time 12
5.5. Changing the settings 12
5.6. Resetting the Sunglasses Cam 14
5.7. Connecting to a computer 15
6. Conformity 16
7. Maintenance 17
8. Disposal 17
9. Technical Data 18
10. Warranty and Service 19
3. Notes Regarding Risks, Safety and Warnings
Handling the Sunglasses Cam and its accessories improperly poses a risk to your-
self and others, or the Sunglasses Cam can be damaged or destroyed. Therefore,
please read and strictly observe the following notes regarding risks, safety
and warnings.
• T his Sunglasses Cam contains a video camera that is intended for recording
video clips. It is designed for personal use and is not suitable for commercial
Risks to children and persons with limited abilities for using
electronic devices
• T he Sunglasses Cam, its accessories and packaging are not toys for children.
Keep children away from them. Among other things, there are risks of electric
shock, poisoning and suffocation.
• T he Sunglasses Cam and its accessories may not be used by children and per-
sons with limited ability to operate devices. The Sunglasses Cam may be used
only by persons who are physically and mentally able to use them safely.
Risk of electric shock due to moisture and humidity
• T he USB cable and the USB power adapter (not included) must not be exposed
to dripping or splashing water. In addition, containers filled with liquids, such
as vases or glasses, must not be placed on them or in their immediate vicinity.
There is a risk of fire and electric shock.
• Do not charge the Sunglasses Cam near w ater . T here is a risk of fire and electric
shock. Do not charge the Sunglasses Cam in areas with high levels of humidity,
steam, smoke or dust. There is a risk of fire and electric shock.
Rollei Sunglasses Cam 1005
Electrical hazard
• If foreign objects or a liquid has entered the Sunglasses Cam, turn it off . Let
everything dry thoroughly. Otherwise, there is a risk of fire or electric shock.
• If the housing of the Sunglasses Cam has been damaged, turn the cam off .
Otherwise, there is a risk of fire or electric shock.
• T he Sunglasses Cam must not be tak en apart, modified or repaired.
There is a risk of fire and electric shock.
Heat damage – fire hazard
• Do not place the Sunglasses Cam in a location where the temperature may rise
significantly (e .g. in a car). T he case or internal parts could be damaged as a
result, which can in turn cause a fire.
• Do not wrap the Sunglasses Cam in anything and do not place it on textiles . T his
could cause heat to build up in the Sunglasses Cam, whereby the housing can
deform and pose the risk of fire.
Risks due to the use of the lithium-ion battery
T he battery is integrated in the device and cannot be replaced. T here is an explosi-
on hazard if the battery is improperly removed.
Injuries and property damage
• Do not use the Sunglasses Cam while w alking or driving. Y ou could trip or cause
a traffic accident.
• Do not place a source of nak ed flame , such as a lighted candle , on or near the
• Damage to the electronics or the case that has been caused by external
influences such as impacts, dropping, or similar are not covered by the warranty.
Therefore repair or replacement in such cases must be paid for by the customer.
Notes regarding the Sunglasses Cam
• T he Sunglasses Cam is suitable for use only in moderate climates .
• T he Rollei Sunglasses Cam is a Class 1 optical device .
The protective lenses provided are not suitable for looking directly at the sun.
Please observe the cleaning instructions in Section 7 on page 17.
Rollei Sunglasses Cam 1007
4. Welcome to Your Sunglasses Cam
4.1. Front view
Video camera On/Off/Record
Reset button
USB port Power LED
Memory card slot Working LED Microphone
4.2. Controls
4.3. Changing the lenses
Y ou can choose which of the included lenses you w ant to use . Remove an already
installed lens with a quick downward pull. Then place the new lens in the guides
on the left and right and push it as shown below until it clicks into place.
Rollei Sunglasses Cam 1009
5. Descriptions of Functions
5.1. Inserting a memory card
Before you can record videos with the Rollei Sunglasses Cam, you need to insert
a microSD or microSDHC memory card.
To do this, open the cover of the memory card compartment on the bottom of the
right earpiece Insert the microSD/SDHC memory card into the card slot (see the
illustration) and push the memory card in until it clicks into place . T hen close the
cover of the card compartment.
To remove the memory card, press it once again; it will then pop out slightly from
the compartment. When the memory card is full, the blue “Record” LED lights
up for about 2 seconds when you turn on the cam; then the Sunglasses Cam will
switch off.
• microSD and microSDHC
memory cards up to 32 GB are
5.2. Charging the battery
To charge the built-in lithium-polymer battery, you must connect the Sunglasses
Cam to the USB port of a computer or a power adapter with a USB output using
the mini-USB connector.
Open the cover of the mini-USB port on the bottom of the right earpiece and insert
the included mini-USB cable. Once you connect the other end of the USB cable to
a computer , charging begins . During charging, a red indicator LED on the inside of
the right earpiece lights up . When the battery is fully charged, the indicator LED
turns green.
T he charging time for a fully discharged battery is approx. 1-2 hours (when using a
USB connection with 500 mA). T he first charging process can tak e up to 4 hours .
A battery charge will let you use the Sunglasses Cam for approximately 60 minutes .
Rollei Sunglasses Cam 10011
5.3. Switching the Sunglasses Cam on and off
T o turn the Sunglasses Cam on, press the On/Off button briefly . T he indicator LED
on the inside will then go green and you will hear 4 beeps.
When the Sunglasses Cam is turned on, video recording automatically starts.
During recording, the blue Record LED also flashes .
If you turn on the Sunglasses Cam with no card installed, the indicator LED will go
red briefly and the Sunglasses Cam will switch itself off after a long beep.
To stop recording and shut down the Sunglasses Cam, press and hold the On/Off
button for about 3 seconds. The current video recording will be saved, then the
Sunglasses Cam will switch off.
5.4. Setting the date and time
T o save video files with the current date and time , a clock can be set in the
Sunglasses Cam.
T o do this , use a text editor on your computer to create a text file named “settime .
txt” in the start-up folder of the memory card and enter the following v alues:
YYYY MM DD hh mm ss
where: Y = year , M = month, D = day , h = hour , m = minute , s = second
Mak e sure that exactly one space is entered between the v alues .
Example: T o set the camcorder to March 1, 2013, 10:00 AM, enter the following
line of text:
2013 03 01 10 00 00
Re-insert the memory card into the Sunglasses Cam. T he next time the Sunglasses
Cam is switched on, the date and time are transferred and the “settime .txt” is
subsequently deleted from the memory card.
5.5. Changing the settings
Y ou can change v arious camera settings . T o do so , please connect the camera to
your computer using the USB cable. The camera appears as a removable drive on
your desktop. Open the removable drive by double clicking it with the left mouse
button. Now open the document “Setting.txt”. A text file shows you the default
settings of the camera:
AWB:0 CTST :100
QU ALITY :0 AudioV ol:1
V ideoSwitch:0 BuzzerAlert:3
Rollei Sunglasses Cam 10013
Y ou can mak e the following changes:
To ensure that the changes are transferred the next time you start your
Sunglasses Cam, please change this value to “Y” (Yes). Y = changes are applied,
N = changes are not applied.
• EV (Exposur e V alue):
Enter a value between 1-21. The default is 6. To make the images brighter, enter
a value between 11 and 21; to make the images darker, choose a value of 1 to 9.
• A WB (Auto W hite Balance):
Adjust your Sunglasses Cam to the current light situation in order to avoid
incorrect colours when recording.
0 = automatic white balance (default), 1 = sunlight, 2 = cloudy, 3 = fluorescent
light, 4 = light bulb
• CTST (Contr ast):
Can be set to values from 1 to 200. Default = 100. Increase this value for a
stronger contrast; choose a lower value for less contrast.
• SA T (Satur ation):
Can be set to v alues from 1 to 200. Default = 100. Increase this v alue for
stronger colour saturation; choose a lower value for less colour saturation.
Can be set to v alues from 1 to 200. Default = 100. Increase this v alue for a
sharper picture; choose a lower value for less sharpness.
• QU ALITY (V ideo quality):
Adjust the video quality of the Sunglasses Cam. 0 = high quality (default),
1 = medium quality , 2 = low quality
• AudioV ol (Audio volume):
Record your videos with or without sound.
1 = audio on (default), 0 = audio disabled
• LIGHTFREQ (Light fr equency):
0 = 60 Hz, 1 = 50 Hz (default)
• R TCDisplay (Real time clock display):
Here you can choose whether the date and time you have set are displayed as
a time and date stamp on the video (note that you cannot delete it from the
video later!)
0 = disabled (default), 1 = enabled
• V ideoSwitch (Resolution)
Y ou can record videos in two different resolutions:
0 = 1080P (Full HD , default), 1 = 720P
• BuzzerAlert:
Adjust the tone volume of your Sunglasses Cam.
0 = off, 1 = loud, 2 = medium 3 = quiet (default)
Save your settings and changes again in the “Setting.txt” file and mak e sure
that this file is stored on the remov able disk. After turning on your Sunglasses
Cam, the new settings are applied automatically.
5.6. Resetting the Sunglasses Cam
If the Sunglasses Cam is not functioning
normally, hangs during operation or
cannot be switched off normally, you
should reset the Sunglasses Cam. This
is done by pressing the RESET button
on the inside of the right earpiece for
about 3 seconds with a pointed stylus.
The Sunglasses Cam should switch off.
It should then be possible to switch it on normally again.
Rollei Sunglasses Cam 10015
5.7. Connecting to a computer
System requirements
1. Operating systems: Microsoft Windows® ME / 2000 / XP / VIST A /
Windows® 7 / 8; Mac OS 10.5; Linux
2. Processor: Intel® P entium 2 G Hz or equiv alent
3. USB 1.1 or USB 2.0
4. CD-ROM/DVD drive
5. 10 GB or more free space on the hard disk
6. RAM: 1 GB or more
Open the cover of the mini-USB port on the bottom of the right earpiece and insert
the included mini-USB cable. Once you insert the other end of the USB cable into
the computer, a new removable drive is set up there.
On this drive , you can find the data from
the memory cards used in the Sunglasses
Cam in the “DCIM” folder . Now you can
copy the video files to the hard disk of
the computer and, if you wish, delete
them from the memory card. While the
device is connected to the computer, the
indicator LED lights up green.
• T he Sunglasses Cam is set up on the computer as a remov able disk drive .
The drivers required for this are always present on the operating systems
mentioned above.
• Among others , the free VLC player program for Windows and Mac can be
used to play the video files .
6. Conformity
This device has been tested in accordance with Part 15 of the FCC regulations and
it has been confirmed that the limit v alues for a Class B digital device have been
satisfied. T hese limits are designed to provide reasonable protection from harmful
interference when installed in a residential community. If this device is not installed
in accordance with the instructions, television, radio and wireless devices may be
susceptible to interference.
Operation of this device is permitted if both of the following two conditions are
(1) T his device does not cause harmful interference
(2) T his device must accept the influence of interference . T his includes interference
that may cause improper functioning or malfunctions.
If this device causes interference to radio and television reception – this is
determined most easily by switching the device on and off – the user should try to
eliminate the interference using the following measures:
• T urning the receiving antenna in a different direction or relocating it.
• Increasing the distance between the device and the receiver .
• Consulting the dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician.
T he CE mark has been affixed to this device in accordance with the following
European directives:
RoHS Directive 2011/65/EC
EMC Directive 2004/108/EC
T he EC declaration of conformity can be requested from
the address listed on the warranty card.
Rollei Sunglasses Cam 10017
7. Maintenance
To clean the Sunglasses Cam frame and the accessories that are included, do not
use harsh cleaners such as alcohol, paint thinner, etc. Clean the components of the
system as needed with a soft, dry cloth.
Always clean the lenses with a normal lens cloth.
Avoid very dusty environments.
When not in use, always store the lenses in their protective bag.
8. Disposal
Dispose of the packaging in an environmentally friendly manner
and in the provided collection containers. Batteries should not be
disposed of in household waste. The consumer is legally obliged
to return used batteries to the municipal collection points or to a
place where batteries are sold. Batteries are therefore provided
with the adjacent symbol.
Y our product is labelled with the symbol shown to the right.
It means that used electrical and electronic products are not to be
disposed of in household waste; instead, they must be placed in a
separate recycling system. Proper disposal ensures that your used
device is collected, treated and used correctly.
This prevents potential negative effects to the environment and
health due to improper disposal. Dispose of the Sunglasses Cam
and its accessories according to the current legal regulations.
Information on this can be found by contacting the relevant
municipal departments.
9. Technical Data
technical Data
Image sensor 5 megapixel CMOS sensor
V ideo format MOV (H.264)
1080 p (1920×1080/30fps) | 720p (1280×720/60 fps)
Shooting angle 63 degrees
Memory slot for TF memory card up to 32 GB
Audio r ecor ding stereo
ports USB 2.0
Recor ding time up to 60 minutes with fully charged battery
P ower supply rechargeable lithium-polymer battery, 550 mAh
Oper ating temper atur e -5°C – 40°C
Stor age temper atur e -20°C – 70°C
Dimensions 153 x 43 x 47 mm (closed)
W eight approx. 68 g
Subject to changes without notice!
Rollei Sunglasses Cam 10019
10. Warranty and Service
If any problems occur while using the device, please do not hesitate to contact
us via our Service address with any questions or problems. The manufacturer’s
warranty is valid for 2 years. Please refer to the warranty card enclosed separately
for details.
Please contact our hotline before sending in your defective device.
Service address:
Rollei Service Deutschland
Denisstraße 28a
D-67663 Kaiserslautern, Germany
Hotline +49 (0)6 31/3 42 84 49
Legal notice
It is your responsibility to ensure that the use of the sunglasses video camera does
not infringe upon the privacy rights of third parties. Recordings of persons are to
be clearly communicated and made with their consent, as it is not apparent to the
persons that the glasses are actually a video camera.
Always take into account personal rights and privacy.
RCP Technik GmbH & Co. KG
Tarpen 40/Gebäude 7b
D-22419 Hamburg, Germany

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