Rollei – Sportsline 100 – Quick Start

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Quick Start Guide


Camera Views

1. Shutter button
2. Power button
3. Self-timer LED/
AF Assist Lamp
4. LED indicator light
5. Flash
6. Strap ring
7. Speaker
8. Lens
9. Microphone

10. LCD monitor
11. Zoom button
12. Strap ring
13. Playback button
14. Movie button
15. OK button/4-way
navigation control
17. Menu button

18. Battery/Memory
card compartment
19. USB/TV Out
20. Tripod screw hole

Step 1. Inserting the Battery
1. Unlock and open the
battery/memory card
compartment at the bottom of
the camera.

2. Insert the battery into the
compartment with the terminal
facing inside the camera with
battery downward side facing

3. Close the battery/memory card
compartment, and the cover
latch is buckled automatically.
To ensure the water resistance,
please pull down the cover
latch (as illustrated) to lock the
battery cover before using
under water.

Battery – Back Battery – Front
Step 2. Inserting an SD/SDHC/SDXC Memory Card
1. Unlock and open the
Battery/memory card
compartment at the bottom of
the camera.
2. Insert the SD/SDHC/SDXC card
into the memory card slot with
the metallic part facing the back
side of the camera.
3. Push the SD/SDHC/SDXC card
into the memory slot until it
clicks into place.
4. Close and lock the
Battery/memory card

NOTE: To remove the SD/SDHC/SDXC card: Gently push the card until it pops
out. Pull the card out and lock the battery cover. Step 3. Charging the Battery by USB
1. Connect the camera with the
USB cable as shown.
2. Connect the other end with the
USB adapter and plug it into a
power outlet or with the USB
port of PC directly for charging.
• When the battery is charging,
the LED indicator flashes.
• When the battery is fully
charged, the LED indicator
goes off.
• When the battery is unusual
charged, the LED indicator
flashes rapidly.
• When the camera charges
without the battery inside, the
LED indicator goes off.

• It`s recommended not operating the camera when charging.
Actual charging time depends on current battery capacity and
charging conditions.
• When the battery is removing during charging, it will recover
charging after you unplugging and replugging USB.
Step 4. Setting the Language/Date/Time
1. Turn on the power by pressing Power button.
2. Use 4-way navigation control to move and change the settings.
3. Press OK button to finish.

Step 5. Taking Images
1. Turn on the camera by pressing the
Power button.
2. Frame the shot using the focus bracket on
the LCD monitor. See illustration on the
3. Pressing the Shutter button down
halfway automatically focuses and adjusts
the exposure, and pressing the Shutter
button down fully captures the images.

Step 6. Recording Videos
1. Press the Movie button to start
2. Focus your camera on the subject that you
want to take.
3. Use the Zoom button to zoom in and
zoom out an image.
4. To stop recording, press the Movie

Step 7. Viewing images, video clips
1. Press the Playback button on the
2. The LCD screen displays an image. Use the
or keys to view next/previous
3. Press the OK button to play a video clip.

Step 8. Using the Setup Menu
1. Press Menu button to launch the
Record/Playback Menu.
2. Use the or keys to switch the menu
tab to Setup menu.
3. Use the or keys to move through the
menu selections.
4. Press the OK button to save and apply

Sensor 20M Pixels
Focal Length: 26 mm ~ 104 mm (35 mm equivalent)
4x optical zoom, 8x digital zoom
LCD monitor 2.7″ Color LCD
Focusing Range
Wide: 5 cm ~ infinity
Tele: 60 cm ~ infinity
Wide: 5 cm ~ 100 cm
Tele: 60 cm ~ 200 cm
Super Macro:
Wide: 5 cm
Aperture Wide: F3.2; Tele: F5.8
Shutter Speed:
Auto: 1 – 1/2,000 sec.
Night: 15 – 1/2,000 sec.
Fireworks: 2 sec.
File Format
Still Image: EXIF 2.3 compatible format (JPEG
AVI (Video: MJPEG , Audio: mono)
Audio: WAV Storage
Internal memory: 64MB flash memory
External memory: SD (up to 4GB), SDHC card (up to 32GB
guaranteed), SDXC card (up to 64GB guaranteed)
Battery Li-ion battery: NP45 (3.7V 700mAh)
0ºC – 40ºC
0% – 90%
Dimensions 107.5 x 66.15 x 50.45 (mm) (with the lens mounting ring)
162 g (no battery)
178 g (with battery)

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