Rollei – Mini Wi-Fi Camcorder 1 – User Manual

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Wireless Camcorder
User Manual| 1 English
Names of Parts
Clip Mount Magnet Mount
Tripod Mount
Strap Mount
Record Button
Micro SD
Card Slot
Micro USB Port
Strap Hook
Video Mode
Photo Mode
Direct Mode
Cloud Mode
Mode Button
Power Button2 English
Getting Started
Charging the Unit
• Before initial use, fully charge the camera via the attached
• power adapter or on your computer via USB.
Modes Navigation
• Press Power button to turn on camera.
• Press Mode button to switch among Video-Direct Mode, Photo-
Direct Mode, and Cloud Mode.
Camera Modes
Insert micro SD card (sold separately).

Video Mode
• Press Mode button to select Video Mode.
• Press Record button to shoot and press again to stop.

Photo Mode
• Press Mode button to select Photo Mode.
• Press Record button to take pictures.
Wireless Modes
Before using wireless modes, install below applications:
• Mobile app: Download [Unieye] from Google Play or Apple Store.
• PC software: Install [PC APP] from camera (Windows)(page 6).

Direct Mode
Connecting camera to mobile or PC directly for remote
controlling, live viewing, album managing, and camera setup.

Cloud Mode
Connecting camera to cloud server via access point (AP) or
mobile hotspot for internet video or live monitoring.
• During charging, the status indicator flashes red.
When the camera is fully charged the indicator turns off.
Note: The plug of the power adapter could be switched
(European or UK Plug)| 3 English
Getting Started Direct Mode (Local)
For initial use, install [Unieye] app
on mobile. Each camera has a unique
Camera ID. ( U2-xxxxxxxx)
Password is not required for the initial use, however, it is advised
to go to [Setup] in app to setup password after connected.
• Set camera to Direct Mode
and wait until indicator turns
steady green.
• On mobile, activate WiFi.
• Run [Unieye].
• Press camera bar to start.
Connect to Camera
• Set camera to Direct Mode .
• On mobile, go to [Settings]
[Wi-Fi] Choose a camera.
3G connection will switch to
WiFi within 1 min.
• Run [Unieye].
• Press camera bar to start.
For iOS user: For Android user:
Direct Mode (Intranet)
Mobile / PC

Take Photo
(SD card required) (SD card required)
Loop Recording
• Record and archive in 3 min interval
Quad View
Zoom In Zoom out
Shoot Video
Invert Image
Two Way Voice
• Press to enable Quad View (up to four cameras).
• Tap [1] button to return to single view.
• Tap to talk to the camera from mobile; tap
again to allow the camera to talk back to
Note:1. Move the camera further away from mobile when echo occurs.
2. Mobiles with low CPU clock speed may not have audio during streaming.4 | English
Cloud Mode (Internet)
Cloud Server
Cloud AP
Mobile Hotspot
Mobile / PC
A live broadcasting social media. USTREAM
Recommended Cloud Server for Access:
Cloud Mode (Internet) Cloud Mode (Internet)
Step 1: Setup Cloud AP
On mobile, start the app and go to
[Setup] [Cloud Settings]
[Cloud AP]. Select a WiFi network
from [AP List]; enter network pass-
word when prompted.
If no preferred AP is found, press
[Other…] from [AP List] Enter
network name and password.
Note: Mobile hotspot can be set as cloud AP.
Before using Cloud Mode, it is required to set up cloud AP and
cloud server on camera in Direct Mode: follow Step 1 ~ Step 4.| 5 English
Cloud Mode (Internet) Cloud Mode (Internet)
Step 3: Connect Camera to Cloud Server
• To connect to cloud server, choose one of the following:
1. In the app [Setup] page, press [Camera to Cloud].
2. Exit the app. On camera, press the Mode button to switch
to Cloud Mode .
• While connecting, the indicator flashes orange rapidly (this
process may take up to 4 minutes).

• Indicator flashes green once the connection is established.
Note: 1. Cloud service may change depending on their policy.
2. In some areas, mobile may not activate hotspot where there is no 3G/4G.
3. Experiencing delays while viewing live video may be due to high
internet traffic.
Step 4: View Live Video on Cloud Server
• To view live video, choose one of the following:
1. Use mobile app: USTREAM is available in Google Play or
Apple Store.
2. Visit website:
• Then search for username and select “username`s show” to
watch live video through camera.
If connection fails, the indicator flashes red and alerts user with
beeping frequencies. For troubleshooting, run [Unieye] to view the
cloud warning message or refer to cloud warning table on page 8.
Step 2: Setup Cloud Server
• New user, press then enter
for auto-registration. Returning user,
enter username/password only.
• Press [Save to Camera].6 | English
PC Applications
To use [Unieye] features on PC, install [PC APP] first. The [PC
APP] has similar features and interface to [Unieye] for easy user
Installing [PC APP] from Camera
• Connect the camera to PC via a USB cable.
• [PC APP] AutoRun/AutoPlay activates.
• If AutoRun/AutoPlay is not starting:
Go to [My computer] and search [PC APP] for installation.
• Once installed, unplug the camera from PC then run [PC APP].

[PC APP] Features
• Press [View HD] or double-click the viewing window to
maximize it into full screen. Double-click again to return to
the [PC APP] interface.
• To save videos or photos to PC:
Go to [Album] Select videos or photos Press [Save to PC].
Mass Storage and Webcam Modes
While camera is plugged in to PC, press Mode button on camera
to switch between Mass Storage Mode (default) and Webcam
Mode. The status indicator shows steady red in Mass Storage
Mode and steady green in Webcam Mode (In Skype or QQ, select
“UVC_WEBCAM”).| 7 English
Camera Indication
Condition Status Indicator Alert
Recording Flashing green One time
Loop Recording Flashing orange One time
Charging Flashing red None
Fully Charged No indication Two times
Low Battery
Flashing red every 5 sec.
Five times
Power Off No indication Two times
Auto Power Off
(5 mins idle)
Flashing red Two times
Memory Full
SD Card Error
Flashing red Three times
Camera Hotkey
Forced Shutdown
Press and hold Power button for 5 sec. to
turn off camera.
Forced Default
Press and hold Mode and Record buttons
for 5 sec. to restore default settings.
Car Camcorder
Press and hold Record button for 3 sec. to start
loop recording and invert image. 8 | English
Situation Cause/Solution
Camera cannot turn on Battery power is low. Recharge the battery.
Camera is frozen
Press Power button for 5 sec. to turn off.
Press Power button twice to turn on.
Camera cannot record
No SD card or SD card is full.
SD card cannot be recognized. Format SD
card in [Unieye] or replace SD card.
Camera not found
Turn on camera, switch to Direct Mode. Press
“Refresh” on mobile or PC to scan again.
Forgot camera password
Press both Mode and Record buttons for 5
sec. to reset.
Cannot watch live view Move camera closer to mobile.
Flickering segments on
live view
TV system setting (50Hz/60Hz) is incorrect.
Alert Cause/Solution
One time
Cannot connect to cloud AP or invalid network password.
Camera not inside WiFi area or weak signal.
Check AP settings or move camera closer to cloud AP.
Two times
No internet or the cloud server is not accessible.
Cannot log in cloud server via internet.
Cloud service may be blocked by firewall.
Three times
Cloud server username or password is incorrect. Refer
to in [Setup] for instructions.
Username already taken. Create new account in [Unieye].
Cloud Warning:2. Place the camera in the
housing; camera`s Record
button must align with
housing`s spring button.
3. Hook hinged arm to the top
of the backdoor, then push
down the latch arm to snap
into place.
Hinged Arm
Placing the Camera into the Waterproof Housing
Waterproof Housing Guide
1. Slide [OPEN ] swtich to the
right and hold its position,
then lift up the latch arm to
open the housing.
| 9 EnglishLicense Statement
The software used in this product is licensed subject to a license
pursuant to the GNU – General Public License conditions.
We expressly draw attention to the fact that under the GNU – General
Public License conditions no liability is accepted.
The starting point for the software is the software published online at
The software listed there is licensed pursuant to the
GNU – General Public License conditions.
Device-related changes have been made to this software for the
product in question. The source text of the software implemented
in the product in question can be obtained in response to an enquiry
sent to the e-mail address
In this instance your e-mail must contain details of what the
relevant product is, the relevant serial number and documentary
evidence of your commercial source of supply as well as
documentary evidence of the date on which the product was
purchased from the trade source of supply. We guarantee supply
of the source text of the implemented software for a period of at
least three years from date of purchase from the trade source of
supply where the trade source of supply has sourced the product
from us directly or via strictly trade-only dealers.
10 English

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