Ricoh – G900 – Operating Manual Supplement

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G900/G900SE Operating Manual Supplement
How to attach the neck strap
Attach the neck strap as shown in the
p.68, First item in Memo in “Using the Camera Memo”
Ori.: When using a tamper-proof card, transfer the camera memo to the internal
Cor.: However, when a tamper-proof card is inserted in the camera, you cannot
transfer the camera memo.
p.130, Step 3 in “Restricting Available Functions”
(G900SE only)
Requests a password when accessing an inserted tamper-proof card.
(G900SE only)
Requests a password when the camera is turned on with no tamper-proof card inserted.
p.148, “T elevision Playback”
The recommended HDMI® cable RP-CHEU15-K (manufactured by Panasonic) has
been discontinued. Use CAC-HD14EU15BK (manufactured by ELECOM) instead.
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