Prestigio – PER-3574B – Quick Start

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7” eBook Reader EN – 1

Getting Started

1. Packing List
1. eBook Reader Main Unit 2. USB Cable
3. AC adaptor
5. Warranty Card
4. Quick Start Guide

2. Device Overview

Prestigio Nobile
PER3574B EN EN – 2 7” eBook Reader

Zoom in/out Enlarge/reduce font size while reading and picture size
while viewing pictures
Rotation Rotate the screen while reading or viewing picture
Direction buttons Up /down/left/right directions buttons.
Pause/OK Pause while playing music or video. And also OK
Menu Pop up the menu. Delete while in file explorer.
Back Back to the previous page. Long press the button to go
back main menu.
Micro SD card slot Insert micro SD storage card
Earphone Jack Connect to the earphones
USB port Connect to the USB cable
Reset Reset the device by inserting a small pin into the hole
Power button Turn on/off the device

3. Power On/Off the Device
 Press and hold the Power Button to turn on the device. The start-up
screen will be displayed before entering the main menu on the Home
 Press and hold the Power Button to turn off the device.

4. Charging
 Connect the device to AC adaptor or the PC/Notebook for charging.
Normally it takes approximately 3~4 hours to fully charge the device.
 Recharge the device as soon as possible when the battery is in
low-power level shown as .




Prestigio Nobile
7” eBook Reader EN – 3

5. Using a Micro SD Card
 The device supports Micro SD card up to 32GB.
 To insert a Micro SD card, place the connector towards the device and
the card label towards the rear side of the device.
 To remove a Micro SD card, gently press the edge of the card to
release the safety lock and pull the card out of the slot.

Reading BOOKs

Choose the desired book to read.
Press M button to pop up the menu.

1. Go to page
Input the page number and jump to
the desired page.

2. Save bookmark
Save the current page as a book mark.

3. Load bookmark
Load all the bookmarks saved in the
current book. Totally 5 bookmarks can
be shown.

4. Delete bookmark
Choose to delete the bookmark.

5. Browser Mode
Choose Auto or Manual mode to read
the book. Manual mode is default.

6. Font set
Set the font of the file. Default/ Arial/
Times New Roman and
DroidSansFallback are available.

Note: Different book format may have
different menu. Please refer to User
Manual in the reader.

Prestigio Nobile
PER3574B EN – 4 7” eBook Reader

How to Get eBOOKs

1. Installing Adobe Digital Edition (ADE)
1. Please download Adobe Digital Edition (ADE) online at the website:
2. Install Adobe Digital Edition (ADE) on you PC/Notebook.
3. If you do not have an Adobe ID, create it by following the
on-screen instructions.

2. Download eBooks from an online E-Book store to your
1. Authorize your PC/Notebook to download eBooks from an e-Book
2. Authorize the device to transfer and read downloaded eBooks on
the device.
3. Download eBooks in Adobe PDF or EPUB formats to your
PC/Notebook and transfer them to the device.

3. Transfer Content to the device connected with your
1. Connect the device to your PC/Notebook using the USB cable.
2. Select the content you want to transfer from your PC/Notebook.
3. Drag the content from the PC/Notebook to the device.
4. Please do not disconnect the USB cable during loading. It may
cause malfunction of the device and files.
5. Left click on to disconnect the device and PC/Notebook safely.
Content can also be transferred to a micro SD card on the device.

Prestigio Nobile
7” eBook Reader EN – 5
As the Prestigio products are constantly updated and
improved, your device’s software and hardware may have a
slightly different appearance or modified functionality than
presented in this Quick Start Guide.
Prestigio hereby states that this Smartphone complies to basic
requirements and another relevant regulations given by the EU
directive1999/5/ES. Full version of the declaration of conformity is
available on

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