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You may find detailed warranty information at:
© Copyright 2014 Prestigio. All rights reserved.
Inside your package
Your tablet at a glance
Congratulations on your purchase and welcome to Prestigio.
To get the most from your product and enjoy all that Prestigio has
to offer, please visit:
More details about your product, please visit:
Inside your package
• Prestigio Multipad • Travel charger
• USB cable • Quick start guide
• Legal and safety notices • Warranty card

Please read the “Legal and safety notices” in your
package before use.
Your tablet at a glance
1 Front camera 6 Speaker
2 Earphone jack 7 Memory card slot
3 Power button 8 Microphone
4 Volume button 9 Micro USB port
5 Rear camera
Charge the battery
Power on your tablet
Home screen
List menu
Getting started
Power on your tablet
Press and hold the power button for a few seconds to power on
your tablet.

To turn off your tablet, press and hold the power
button, and then tap Power off on the pop-up screen.
Home screen
Your Home screen is the starting point to access all of your tablet’s
features. The Home screen can have multiple panels. To view
other panels, swipe left or right.
Tap to return to the Home screen. Your tablet’s Home screen
consists of the following:
List menu
and widgets
Status bar
Google search
On-screen keys
Follow the steps below to prepare your tablet for using.
Remember to turn off your device before inserting the cards.
Insert a memory card

Frequent writing and erasing of data shortens the
lifespan of memory cards.
Charge the battery
Plug the small end of the USB cable into the micro USB port of the
device, and plug the large end of the cable into travel charger.
Insert the travel charger into a electric socket.

Always use authentic accessories to optimise your
battery performance. Non-authentic accessories (eg.
chargers) can damage your battery and even your
Optimise your battery performance
Here are some tips to help you optimise your battery
– Always ensure that your tablet profile is appropriately set to
meet your actual usage.
– If you are not using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or other applications, turn
them off.
– Adjust the intensity of your display screen’s backlight to low or
medium level and for the shortest duration.
– Avoid using or placing your tablet near magnetic objects (eg.
a radio or television) or on metal surfaces, which will impact
the network connection and ultimately drain power from your
Charge the battery
Power on your tablet
Home screen
List menu
The menu, home and back keys help you navigate your tablet.
• Tap to open the list of recent apps.
• Tap to return to the Home screen.
• Tap to return to the previous screen.
Personalise your wallpaper
Pick your favourite picture as your Home wallpaper.
1. Tap and hold the blank area on the Home screen.
2. Select Wallpaper.
3. Select an image and set it as wallpaper.
– Or choose a photo in Gallery to set it as wallpaper.
Add an app icon to Home screen
1. On the Home screen, tap to open the list menu.
2. Tap and hold an application icon.
3. Drag it into a panel preview.
Remove an item on Home screen
1. Tap and hold an item to remove.
2. The Remove option appears at the top of the Home screen.
3. Drag the item to the Remove option.
4. When the Remove option turns red, release the item.
List menu
All your apps can be found on the list menu. On the Home screen,
tap to open the list menu. The list menu can have multiple
panels. To view other panels, swipe left or right. Tap or to
return to the Home screen.
Finger tips
Lock and unlock the screen
Notifications panel
Quick settings
Status icons
Enter text
System upgrade
Slide or scroll
Slide your finger vertically across the
screen to open drop-down menu. Drag
up or down to scroll.
Zoom in
Spread two fingers apart on a web page,
map, or image to zoom in a part.
Zoom out
Pinch two fingers together on a web
page, map, or image to zoom out a part.

Flick left or right on the Home screen or
the applications screen to see another
panel. Flick up or down to scroll through
a web page or a list, such as contacts.
Finger tips
Only use your fingers to use the touch screen.
To open an application, to select a menu
item, to press an on-screen button, or
to enter a character using the on-screen
keyboard, tap it with a finger.
Tap and hold
Tap and hold an item for more than 2
seconds to access available options.
Quickly swipe your finger vertically or
horizontally across the screen to go
to other home pages, scroll through
documents, and more.
Finger tips
Lock and unlock the screen
Notifications panel
Quick settings
Status icons
Enter text
System upgrade
Quick settings
Quick settings allows you to easily turn on and off airplane mode,
Wi-Fi, and other functions. It also provides a shortcut to set the
brightness, lock screen auto orientation, and access the system
– Slide down from the top right of the screen to open quick
open notifications panel open quick settings
Status icons
The icons in the status bar at the top of the screen give
information about your tablet:
Icons What it means
Silent mode activated.
Vibration mode activated.
Airplane mode activated.
Battery power level.
Wi-Fi connected.
Connected to PC.
Wired eartablet + microphone connected.
Wired eartablet connected
Alarm is set.
Lock and unlock the screen
When not in use, lock your tablet to prevent unwanted operations
and save the battery power.
• Lock: press the power button.
• Unlock: press the power button, and then slide the lock icon to
unlock your screen.

When your tablet is locked, your tablet can still:
• Receive calls, text messages, and other updates.
• Play music.
• Adjust the volume.
You can use the earphones to answer a call or listen to
Auto lock
You can set a time span for the screen to be locked automatically.
1. On the list menu, tap Settings >Display > Sleep.
2. Select your desired time span.
Set screen lock pattern
To protect your personal information and prevent others from
using your tablet without your permission, set a screen lock
pattern, PIN, or password. You will be asked to unlock the screen
every time when your tablet is powered on or when it is idle for a
certain period of time.
• On the list menu, tap Settings >Security > Screen lock.
Notifications panel
When you get a new notification, you can open the notifications
panel to see what event notification or new information you have
– To open the notifications panel, slide down from the top left of
the screen.
– To dismiss the notification, tap
Finger tips
Lock and unlock the screen
Notifications panel
Quick settings
Status icons
Enter text
System upgrade
System upgrade
Your tablet can check and notify you if there is a new upgrade
available. You can also manually check if there is an available
update. You can set this option in Settings > About tablet >
System updates.

Do not press any buttons while the device is upgrading.
Enter text
Use the Prestigio keyboard or the voice input feature to enter text.
Change the input method
You can download an input app or use the input method pre-
installed on your tablet. To change the input method, follow these
1. On the list menu, tap Settings >Language & input > Default.
2. Choose the desired input method.
Use the Prestigio keyboard
6 1
3 5 4
1. Shift key: Tap it before entering an uppercase letter. For all
caps, tap it twice. Tap it again to enter a lowercase letter.
2. Numbers and symbols key
3. Voice input key: tap and hold it to activate the voice input
4. Space key
5. Enter key
6. Backspace key
Cut or Copy text
1. Select the text you want, and tap or . The selected text
is then cut or copied to the clipboard.
2. In a text entry field, press and hold at the point where you
want to paste the text.
3. Tap
Connect to the Internet
Web browse
Web & network
Connect to the Internet
Your tablet connects to the Internet via a Wi-Fi connection (if
Connect the device to a Wi-Fi network to use the Internet or share
media files with other devices.
Connect to a wireless network
1. Go to Settings, and tap Wi-Fi to turn it on.
2. The Wi-Fi section will show the list of networks detected.
3. Tap the desired Wi-Fi network you want to connect to.
– If you selected a secured network, you will be asked to enter
the network key or password.
Erase a saved wireless network
Any network that has ever been used, including the current
network, can be erased. Your tablet will not automatically connect
to it.
1. On the Home screen or list menu, tap Settings, and then tap
2. Tap the wireless network you have previously been connected
3. Tap Forget.
Web browse
You can use your tablet to browse websites. Before browsing a
website, please confirm that you have turn on Wi-Fi.
Browse a web page
1. On the Home screen or list menu, tap .
2. Enter your search keywords or a web address to start
Your tablet can connect to a compatible Bluetooth device for
exchanging data. Bluetooth creates a direct wireless connection
between two devices over short distances.
Pair with a Bluetooth device
1. Go to Settings, tap to turn on Bluetooth.
2. A list of available Bluetooth devices will appear.
3. Select the device you wish to connect with.
4. Tap Pair. The pairing is made if your pairing request is accepted
by the other device.
Send data via Bluetooth
1. Pair with a Bluetooth device.
2. Select the file you want to share.
3. Tap > Bluetooth to send the file via Bluetooth.
Receive data via Bluetooth
1. Open the notifications panel, accept the device pairing request.
2. Tap Accept to receive the files.

The files received via Bluetooth are stored in the
Bluetooth folder.
Unpair with a Bluetooth device
1. In Bluetooth, select the device you want to unpair and then tap
2. Tap Unpair.
Pair with a Bluetooth device
Send data via Bluetooth
Receive data via Bluetooth
Unpair with a Bluetooth
Set up a mail account
Send a mail
Reply to a mail
Use this application to quickly and directly access the Google Mail
View your Gmail Inbox
1. On the Home screen or list menu, tap .
2. Your mail inbox is displayed on the screen.
3. Tap the desired mail to read it.
1 Add this email address to contacts list.
2 Create a new email.
3 Search for emails.
4 Keep this email for long-term storage.
5 Delete this email.
6 More options.
7 Forward this email to others.
8 Reply to all recipients.
9 Reply to this email.
10 Mark the email as a reminder.
Use this application to send or view e-mail messages. Learn to
send or view e-mail messages via your personal or company e-mail
Set up a mail account
1. On the Home screen or list menu, tap and do one of the
– If this is your first time adding an e-mail account, move to the
next step.
– If you’ve already added an email account, then tap > Settings
2. Enter the e-mail address and password for your e-mail account.
3. Tap Next for a private e-mail account, or tap Manual setup for
a company e-mail account.
4. Follow the prompts to complete the setup.
Delete an email account
1. Go to Settings, tap your account name in Accounts.
2. Tap > Remove account.
Send a mail
1. Tap .
2. Fill in one or more recipients.
3. Enter the subject, and then compose your mail. Add an
attachment if you want.
4. Tap to send the mail.
Reply to a mail
1. On the e-mail inbox, tap the e-mail message.
2. Tap , and then compose your mail.
3. Tap to send the
Face beauty mode – Recognise people’s faces and make
the photos beautiful.
Take a photo
1. Turn on the camera.
2. Spread or pinch the screen to zoom in or out.
3. Change the camera settings if necessary.
4. Just point the camera at what you want to capture.
5. Tap to capture the photo.
Take a photo of yourself
1. Turn on the camera.
2. On the screen, tap .
3. Tap to capture the photo.
Set self timer
1. Tap to customize your camera.
2. On the pop up window, tap > Self timer, select your time
3. When you’re ready to take a photo, tap . The photo will be
captured after the set time span.
Take continuous shots
With your tablet, you can take continuous shots by just holding
the shutter.
Make sure that you`re in normal mode.
1. Tap to customize your camera.
2. On the pop up window, tap > Capture number, select your
desired shots.
3. When you’re ready to take the photo, tap and hold .
4. To save more photos from the batch, just delete the photos
you don’t want to keep.
With your tablet, you can take both photos and videos as desired.
In addition to a rear camera, there is a camera on the front for
video calls and self-portraits.
– To use the camera, on the Home screen or list menu, tap .
Your camera at a galance
3 4
1. Scroll to select capture mode.
2. Change settings.
3. Switch to video recording.
4. Capture a photo.
5. Switch between front and rear cameras.
Select a capture mode
Normal mode – Take a single photo.
Live photo mode – Take a live photo.
Your camera at a galance
Take a photo
Take a photo of yourself
Take continuous shots
Record a video
Camera and video

Your location may appear on your photos when you
upload them to the Internet. To avoid this, deactivate
the GPS location info.
Record a video
1. Tap .
2. While recording, you can freely zoom in or out.
3. To pause recording, tap . To stop recording, tap .
Camera and video settings
1. Tap to customize your camera.
2. On the pop up window, tap / / to switch among
general settings, camera and video settings. The available
options vary depending on the mode used.
General settings:
– Store location: Store the picture taking location or not.
– Exposure: This determines how much light the camera’s sensor
receives. For lowlight situations, use a higher exposure.
– Color Effect: Select among various photo effects that are
– Scene mode: Change the scene mode.
– White balance: Select an appropriate white balance, so images
have a true-to-life colour range. The settings are designed for
specific lighting situations. These settings are similar to the
heat range for white-balance exposure in professional cameras.
– Anti-flicker: Select a band to avoid the impacts on photos
caused by flickers from lighting sources.
– Restore defaults: Restore to default settings.
Camera settings:
– Face detection: Set ideal exposure and clarity of faces.
– Self timer: Select a time span for auto photographing.
– Capture number: Set the number of continuous shots.
– Picture size: Select the size of picture.
– Face beauty: Take a photo with lightened faces for gentler
Video settings
– Microphone: Enable or disable microphone while recording a
– Audio mode: Select an audio mode.
– Time lapse interval: Set the time lapse interval.
– Video quality: Set the quality level for videos.
Your camera at a galance
Take a photo
Take a photo of yourself
Take continuous shots
Record a video
Camera and video
Music player
FM radio
1. In Gallery, select the photos or videos that you want to share.
2. Tap to open a drop-down list, and then tap Email, Gmail or
other apps.
Music player
Listen to music
1. On the Home screen or list menu, tap .
2. Tap a song from the list.
3. Use the following keys to control playback:
1 Back to current playlist.
2 Turn on shuffle.
3 Select play mode: Repeat one, Repeat all or Off.
Your tablet provides several multimedia apps for your
entertainment. You can view your photo gallery, enjoy music, and
watch videos.
Use Gallery to view all your photos and videos on your tablet.
• To open your Gallery, on the Home screen or list menu, tap
View your photos
1. In Gallery, tap to open a drop-down list, and then tap
2. Browse an album or a group of photos.
3. Tap a photo to view it in full screen.
Edit your photos
When viewing a photo, tap to use the following functions:
• Delete: Delete the photo.
• Slideshow: Start a slideshow with images in the current folder.
• Edit: Launch Paper Artist to edit a photo.
• Rotate left: Rotate anticlockwise.
• Rotate right: Rotate clockwise.
• Crop: Resize the orange frame to crop and save your photo.
• Set picture as: Set a photo as your wallpaper or a contact
• Details: Check information of the photo file.
Watch your videos
1. In Gallery, tap the video that you want to watch.
2. Select Video player to play it.
3. Tap the on-screen keys to control the video playback.
4. Press the volume button to adjust the sound.
5. Tap to select more options.
Share your photos and videos
You can share your photos and videos with another device via
Email, Gmail or other apps.
Record radio programs
You can record a radio program when listening to it.
1. Tune to your desired radio station.
2. Tap > Record FM.
3. Tap to start recording, and then tap to stop.
4. Save the sound clip, and tap to play it.
Skip to the previous song. Tap and hold to move backwards
Skip to the next song. Tap and hold to move forwards
6 Pause and resume playback.
7 More options.
FM radio
You can listen to radio programs with your tablet.

You must connect a headset before using the FM radio
on your tablet.
Listen to a radio station
1. On the Home screen or list menu, tap FM radio.
2. Tap > Search. It will start scanning automatically and save the
available channels.
3. Use the following keys to control playback:
Turn off FM radio and exit.
More options.
Open the channel list.
Decrease the frequence by 0.1MHz.
Increase the frequence by 0.1MHz.
Skip to previous channel.
Skip to next channel.
Music player
Find a location
Get directions
Maps settings
Maps & navigation
Maps settings
While viewing the map,
• Tap to get more options.
• Tap > Settings to set up the Google Maps.
Use Google Maps to pinpoint your current location, search for
places, or get directions.
• On the Home screen or list menu, tap .

This application may not be available depending on the
region or service provider.
Find a location
Turn on or off location service
In order to find your location on your tablet, you need to enable
location service.
1. Go to Settings, tap Location access.
2. Turn on Access to my location.
Find your location
On the maps screen, tap to find your location on the map.

If you are in an area where there are a lot of
surrounding buildings, locations may have a hard time
pinpointing your location.
Search for a place
You can search for a name of an establishment, street, or city.
Suggested matches will be shown while you type.
1. On the maps screen, tap .
2. Enter the place you want to search for.
3. Select the desired place in the result list.
Get directions
1. On the maps screen, tap to get directions.
2. Choose how you want to get to your destination.
3. Enter your start point and end point.
4. The map opens showing the route to your
1. On the clock screen, tap .
2. Set the duration, and then tap Start.
On the clock screen, tap .
– Tap Start to time an event.
– Tap to record lap times.
– Tap to clear lap time records.
You can create events and make plans on your calendar.
• On the Home screen or list menu, tap . Tap to change
your calendar to day, week, month or agenda view.
Create an event
1. Go to , select a date.
2. Tap to create a new event.
3. Edit reminder settings.
4. Tap Done to save the event.
Manage your events
Edit an event
1. While viewing your calendar, tap to change it to agenda
2. Tap the event your want to edit, and then tap .
3. Make changes to the event.
4. Tap Done.
Delete an event
Select the event your want to delete, and then tap .
Use the clock app to set alarms, check the time in any location in
the world, measure the duration of an event, or set a timer.
– On the Home screen or list menu, tap .
World clock
You can add a city to the world clock screen.
1. On the Home screen or list menu, tap .
2. Tap .
3. Scroll through the list and tap the city that you want to add.
You can set up one or more alarms.
Set an alarm
1. On the clock screen, tap .
2. Tap to add a new alarm.
3. Use the virtual digit keyboard to set the alarm time.
4. Tap OK.
5. If you want the alarm for multiple days, tap Repeat.
Turn off an alarm
1. On the clock screen, tap .
2. Select the alarm you want to turn off.
3. Drag the slider to OFF.
Stop an alarm
When the alarm rings,
– Slide to : The alarm stops.
– Slide to
: The alarm will sound again after a specified length
of time.
Delete an alarm
1. Tap and hold the alarm you want to delete.
2. Tap
0.3 MP + 2 MP
Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n),
Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy
7000 mAh
254*172.65*9.8 mm (H*W*D)
610 g (approx.)
Quad Core, 1.3 GHz
8 GB Flash + 1 GB RAM
Android™ 4.4, KitKat®
up to 32 GB
10.1” PLS, 16:10, 1280*
Your tablet does not work well in your car
A car contains many metallic parts that absorb electromagnetic
waves which can affect the tablet’s performance. A car kit is
available to provide you with an external antenna and enables you
to make and receive phone calls without handling the handset.
Check with the local authorities whether or not you are allowed to
use the tablet while driving.
Your tablet is not charging
If the battery is completely flat, it might take several minutes of
precharge (up to 5 minutes in some cases) before the charging
icon is displayed on the screen.
The picture captured with the tablet camera is not clear
Make sure that the camera lens on both sides is clean.
Your device freezes or has fatal errors
If your device freezes or hangs, you may need to close programs or
reset the device to regain functionality. If your device is frozen and
unresponsive, press and hold the Power button for 8-10 seconds.
The device reboots automatically.
If this does not solve the problem, perform a factory data reset.
On the list menu, tap Settings > Back up & reset > Factory data
reset > Reset device > Erase everything.
A connection is not established when you connect the device to a
– Ensure that the USB cable you are using is compatible with your
– Ensure that you have the proper drivers installed and updated
on your computer.
– If you are a Windows XP user, ensure that you have Windows
XP Service Pack 3 or higher installed on your computer.
– Ensure that you have Windows Media Player 10 or higher
installed on your computer.
The network symbol is not displayed
The network connection is lost. Either you are in a radio shadow
(in a tunnel or between tall buildings) or you are outside the
network coverage area. Try from another place, try to reconnect
to the network (especially when abroad), or contact your network
operator for assistance/information.
The touch screen responds slowly or improperly
If your device has a touch screen and the touch screen is not
responding properly, try the following:
– Remove any protective covers from the touch screen.
Protective covers may prevent the device from recognising
your inputs and are not recommended for touch screen
– Ensure that your hands are clean and dry when tapping the
touch screen.
– Restart your device to clear any temporary software bugs.
– Ensure that your device software is upgraded to the latest
– If the touch screen is scratched or damaged, take it to your
local dealer.
Your battery seems to over heat
You might be using a charger that was not intended for use with
your tablet. Make sure you always use the authentic accessory
shipped with your tablet.
You can not receive and/or store JPEG pictures
A picture may not be accepted by your tablet if it is too large, if its
name is too long, or if it does not have the correct file format.
When charging, the battery icon shows no bar and the outline is
Only charge the battery in an environment where the temperature
does not go below 0°C (32°F) or above 45°C (113°F). In other cases
please contact your tablet
Important safety instructions
Legal and safety information
16. Do not use a pen or any sharp object to tap the screen. Clean
the touch screen with a soft cloth. If needed, dampen the
cloth slightly before cleaning. Never use abrasives or cleaning
17. DO NOT disassemble the MultiPad, only a Prestigio certified
service technician should perform repair.
18. Always power off the MultiPad to install or remove external
devices that does not support hot-plug.
19. Your MultiPad must be switched off during airplane take-off
and landing.
As Prestigio products are constantly updated and improved, your
device’s software may have a slightly different appearance or
modified functionality than presented in this user manual. We
make every effort to ensure that the information and procedures
in this user manual are accurate and complete. No liability can and
will be accepted for any errors or omissions. Prestigio reserves the
right to make any changes without further notice to any products
Important safety instructions
Your Prestigio MultiPad Tablet PC is manufactured and designed
for mobile usage. Please read the following instructions carefully.
It helps you to use your device without safety issues and keep your
Tablet PC in good working condition:
1. Do not place objects on top of the MultiPad as objects may
scratch the screen.
2. MultiPad should be kept away from extreme changes of
3. Protect it from direct sunlight or heat sources.
4. Protect the device from moisture and from dusty or smoky
environment as it can harm the tablet.
5. Keep your MultiPad away from contact with active chemicals.
6. Do not place the MultiPad on an uneven or unstable surface.
Fall of the device can cause damage to the LCD screen which is
not covered with warranty.
7. Do not expose the MultiPad to strong magnetic or electrical
8. Protect your MultiPad from hits and extreme pressure.
9. Operation Temperature: This MultiPad should only be used in
environments with ambient temperatures between 0°C (32°F)
and 35°C (95°F).
10. Do not insert into MultiPad devices or items not matching to
standard sockets on it.
11. Do not use MultiPad in the rain – it is NOT a waterproof device.
Protect the Multipad from dust, dirt and high humidity.
12. Do not use Your MultiPad during driving.
13. Use only manufacturer approved chargers. Using non-original
chargers may cause damage of the device and be harmful to
your health.
14. The MultiPad and the adapter may produce some heat during
normal operation or charging. Avoid placing it to the soft
surfaces, other places and conditions which may prevent
normal dispersion of the heat, causing device overheating. Do
not leave the MultiPad on your lap or other part of the body to
prevent discomfort or injury from heat exposure.
15. Disconnect the MultiPad from an electrical outlet after it is

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