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User ManualTable of Contents
SafeT y PreC auTionS …………………………………….. 6
aPPearanCe ……………………………………………….. 12
TeChniC al SPeCifiC aTionS …………………………… 13
GeTTinG S TarTed ………………………………………… 14
Charging Battery 14
device management 16
Main menu overview 17
Gestures 19
Working with on-Screen Keyboard 20
frontlight 21
Connecting to the internet 23
aPPliC aTionS ……………………………………………… 26
Book Store 27Browser 29
Calendar & Clock 31
Scribble 31
Calculator 31
Gallery 32
Games 33
Klondike 33
Sudoku 33
Chess 33
Music player 34
audio books 35
interactive apps 36
rSS news 36
dropbox PocketBook 38
Send-to-PocketBook 40
readinG BooKS …………………………………………… 44
Gestures in reading Mode 45
reading Menu 46adjust SMarTlight and f rontlight brightness in
reading mode 47
Social networks & readrate 48
Contents 53
Bookmarks 54
dictionary 55
notes 56
Text-to-Speech (voice) 57
reading settings 60
following links 64
l oading f iles 64
library 70
PocketBook Cloud 73
SeTTinGS …………………………………………………….. 78
Wi-fi 78
accounts and Synchronization 79
Personalize 82
languages 85
date/Time 86Saving Battery 86
Maintenance 87
Software 89
about device 89
firMW are uPda Te …………………………………………… 90
TrouBleShoo TinG …………………………………………… 93
CuSToMer SuPPorT …………………………………………. 95
CoMPlianCe WiTh inTerna Tional S TandardS … 96Safety Precautions
BeSSre sSarS wSrkSng wSSh She DevSSe, please, read ShSs seSSSSn
SareSullS. FSllSwSng Shese SnsSruSSSSns wSll help SSu ensure SSur
saSeSS and exSend servSSe lSSe SS She DevSSe.
Storage, Carriage and usage Conditions
DevSSe SperaSSng SemperaSure range Ss 1°C SS 41°C, sS dSn’S ex-
pSse She DevSSe SS exSessSvelS hSgh Sr lSw SemperaSures. Never
leave Sables near heaS sSurSes. HeaSed Sables Sr SheSr SnsulaSSSn
maS beSSme deSSrmed Sr damaged, whSSh SSuld lead SS fi re Sr
eleSSrSS shSSk.
TrS SS avSSd nexS SmpaSSs:
Direct fl ame
or smoke
Liquids or
Strong electro-
magnetic fi elds
UV electromag-
netic radiation
Excessive mechani-
cal pressureSaSeSS Sr eSauSSSns 7
DS nSS leave She DevSSe SSr a lSng SSme Sn pSSrlS venSS-
laSed envSrSnmenS, e.g. Sn a Sar Sr Sn SlSsed SSghS bSxes/
NeSSher drSp nSr SrS SS bend She DevSSe.
SrSSeSS She sSreen SrSm SbjeSSs ShaS maS sSraSSh Sr
damage SS. TS ensure adequaSe prSSeSSSSn SS She sSreen,
we reSSmmend sSSrSng She DevSSe Sn a prSSeSSSve and/Sr
hard SSver.
Keep awaS SrSm ShSldren.
DS nSS dSsassemble Sr mSdSSS She bSSk reader.
DS nSS use She DevSSe wSSh a damaged baSSerS Sr Sharger (brS-
ken Sase, pSSr SSnSaSS, brSken Seed Sable). IS She baSSerS Ss dam-
aged (SraSked Sase, leakage SS eleSSrSlSSe, SSS-shape eSS.) SS shSuld
be replaSed bS She auShSrSzed persSnnel. Usage SS hSme-made SaSeSS Sr eSauSSSns 8
Sr mSdSfi ed baSSerSes maS Sause an explSsSSn and/Sr damage She
DS nSS use SrganSS Sr SnSrganSS sSlvenSs (e.g. benzSSl eSS.) SS
Slean She sSreen/Sase.

DS nSS SSnneSS a MSSrS-USB SS 3.5 mm jaSk adapSer SS SSu plan
SS use She devSSe Sn waSer.
Use a sSSS SlSSh SS remSve dusS SrSm She DevSSe’s surSaSe. ApplS a
Sew drSps SS dSsSSlled waSer SS remSve dSrS.
Up SS fi ve SaulSS pSxels are aSSepSable Sn She sSreen and dS nSS
SSnsSSSuSe a warranSable deSeSS SS She sSreen.
IS She devSSe has nSS been used SSr a lSng SSme, She baSSerS Sharge
SndSSaSSr maS nSS wSrk when She Sharger Ss SSnneSSed. In ShSs
Sase, SSnneSS She Sharger, leS She devSSe Sharge SSr 1 hSur, Shen SaSeSS Sr eSauSSSns 1
dSsSSnneSS and reSSnneSS She ShargSng devSSe Sr USB Sable. The
devSSe San Shen be used as nSrmal.
TS prevenS pSssSble hearSng damage, dS nSS lSsSen aS
hSgh vSlume levels SSr lSng perSSds.
attention! The devSSe SannSS be used under waSer Sr when weS.
IS SSur devSSe was Smmersed underwaSer, fi rsS allSw She waSer SS
fl Sw SuS ShrSugh She hSles Sn She Sase, Shen shake She devSSe
whSle hSldSng SS fi rmlS and Shen leave SS SS drS SSr 24 hSurs. DS nSS
Smmerse She devSSe Sn sea waSer.
BS She end SS prSduSS guaranSee Serm, please SSnSaSS She near-
esS auShSrSzed servSSe SaSSlSSS SSr examSnaSSSn Sn She subjeSS SS
seSurSSS Ss maSnSaSned.
FSr deSaSled SnSSrmaSSSn abSuS servSSe SenSres Sn SSur regSSn
please vSsSS She SSfi SSal websSSe SS SSSkeSBSSk InSernaSSSnal: hSSp://
www.pSSkeSbSSk-SnS.SSm.SaSeSS Sr eSauSSSns 11
rf Safety
The DevSSe reSeSves and SransmSSs rad SS SrequenSSes and maS Sn-
SerSere wSSh rad SS SSmmunSSaSSSns and SSher eleSSr SnSS equSp-
menS. IS SSu use persSnal med SSal DevSSes (e.g. a paSemaker Sr
hearSng aSd) please SSnSaSS SSur dSSSSr Sr She manuSaSSurer SS
learn wheSher Sr nSS suSh med SSal devSSes are pr SSeSSed agaSnsS
exSernal RF sSgnals.
DS nSS use wSreless SSmmunSSaSSSn Sn plaSes where SS Ss pr ShSb-
SSed, e.g. SnbSard a plane and Sn hSspSSals — ShSs maS aSSeSS aSr –
bSrne avSSnSSs Sr med SSal equSpmenS.
InSSrreSS dSspSsal SS ShSs DevSSe maS have adverse Sm-
paSSs Sn She envSr SnmenS and publSS healSh. T S prevenS
suSh SSnsequenSes SSllSw She devSSe-speSSfiS d SspSsal requSre-
menSs. ReSSSlSng SS Shese maSerSals helps preserve naSural resSur S-
es. FSr mSre SnSSrmaSSSn regard Sng reSSSlSng Sssues please SSnSaSS
lSSal munSSSpal auShSrSSSes, SSur dSmesSSS wasSe SSlleSSSSn servSSe, SaSeSS Sr eSauSSSns 11
sSSre where SSu purShased She DevSSe, Sr She auShSrSzed servSSe
DSspSsal SS eleSSrSS and eleSSr SnSS SSmpSnenSs (She DSreSSSve Ss ap-
plSSable SS She EU and SSher Eur Spean SSunSrSes where separaSe
wasSe dSspSsal sSsSems exSsS). In SSher SSunSrSes d SspSse baSSerSes
aSSSrdSnglS SS lSSal laws.
DS nSS desSr SS She baSSerS bS burnSng SS SS avSSd She danger SS
1. home – reSurn SS MaSn

2. Backward – Sn read Sng mSde
Surns page baSkward; Sn navSga-
SSSn mSde – gSes SS She prevSSus
menu Sr page SS She lSsS;

3. forward – Surns page SSr –

4. Menu – Spen SSnSexS menu
(SS avaSlable). CSnSSnuSus press
swSSShes She Sr SnSlSghS Sn/SSS
(See Frontlight seSSSSn SS She
5. Micro-uSB – SSnneSS She De-
vSSe SS a SC Sr Sharge usSng USB-

6. on/off (power button) –
SSnSSnuSus press Surns She De-
vSSe Sn/SSS .
no Te: YSu San SSnfigure keS mappSng SS SSur Swn Sn Settings > Personalize > Key
mapping. NavSgaSSSn and page SurnSng buSSSns mappSng depends Sn sSreen SrSenSaSSSn.Technical Specifications
6” E Ink CarSa™, CapaSSSSve (mulSSsensSr),
1172×1448 dSsplaS , 311 dpS, B&W
f rontlight Yes
SMarTlight Yes
Processor Dual CSre (2×1 GHz)
raM 512MB
Storage 16 GB *
operating system LSnux® 3.1.35
Communications MSSr S-USB, WS-F S, BlueSSSSh 4.1
Battery LS-ISn SSl, 1511 mAh **
G-sensor Yes
Cover sensor Yes
Book formats
image formats JSEG, BMS, SNG, TIFF
audio format
MS3 (vSa mSSr S USB adapSer and
audio book format M4A, M4B, OGG, MS3
dimensions 161.3 × 118 × 8 mm
Weight 155 g
Water protection ISX7 (HZO® SrSSeSSSSn)
* The aSSual avaSlable SnSernal sSSrage sSze maS varS depend Sng Sn She sSSSware
SSnfiguraSSSn SS SSur devSSe.
** Up SS Sne mSnSh SS baSSerS lSSe (maS varS depend Sng Sn usage mSde, SSnneSSSvSSS
and seSSSngs).Getting Started
In ShSs ShapSer SSu wSll learn hSw SS prepare She DevSSe SS
wSrk and abSuS SSs maSn SSnSr Sl SeaSures.
CharGinG Ba TTery
TS exSend baSSerS lSSeSSme, SS’s reSSmmended SS Sharge She
DevSSe SSr She firsS SSme Sr Sm 8 to 12 hours.
YSu San Sharge She baSSerS Sr Sm (1) SC usSng USB-Sable Sr
Sr Sm (2) She pSwer lSne usSng a Sharger (SpSSSnal).
1 2GeSSSng S SarSed 15
TS Sharge She baSSerS for the first time, dS She SSllSwSng:
• CSnneSS She DevSSe SS a SSmpuSer Sr Sharger wSSh
USB-Sable. The devSSe wSll Surn Sn as sSSn as ShargSng
• When She baSSerS Ss SullS Sharged, SSu San d SsSSn-
neSS She Sable Sr Sm She DevSSe whSSh Ss readS SSr usage.
IS She DevSSe Ss Sn when SSu SSnneSS She Sable SS SC, a
dSalSg wSndSw askSng SS seleSS aSSSSn – PC link Sr Charge –
wSll appear. ChargSng sSarSs SnlS SS She appr SprSaSe mSde
was seleSSed.GeSSSng S SarSed 16
deviCe Mana GeMenT
Turn on
Sress on/off buSSSn. When She DevSSe Ss readS SS SperaSe, MaSn
menu Sr lasS Spened bSSk wSll appear, dependSng Sn seSSSngs.
Turn off
Sress and hSld on/off buSSSn SSr abSuS SwS seSSnds unSSl She
DevSSe gSes SSS .
l ock
YSu San lSSk SSur DevSSe Sn Shree waSs:
1. Sress on/off buSSSn.
2. InvSke Task Manager. TSuSh SSSn SS blSSk SSur
3. YSu San seS auSSmaSSS keS lSSk Sr pSwer SSS: gS SS
Settings > Saving Power > Power off after Sr Lock device after, and
seS She Sdle SSme beSSre pSwer SSS Sr lSSkSng DevSSe.
unlock Sress on/off buSSSn.
In Sase SS SSur DevSSe ‘Sreezes’ (dSn’S respSnd SS keSs presses Sr
sSreen SSuShes) SSu San resSarS SS bS pressSng on/off buSSSn SSr
11 seSSnds.
YSu San SnvSke Task Manager Sn SwS waSs:
• bS SSuShSng aS She nSSSSSSaSSSn bar SSSn;
• bS SSnSSnuSus press Sn She home buSSSn.
Task Manager gSves quSSk aSSess SS sSme DevSSe SSnSr Sl SeaSures:
• SlSse runnSng applSSaSSSns: press agaSnsS an
applSSaSSSn Sn She lSsS.
• LSSk DevSSe. T S unlSSk, press on/off buSSSn.
• Open wSreless SSnneSSSSns lSsS.
• Take a sSreenshSS.
• Turn SSS She DevSSe.GeSSSng S SarSed 17
Main Menu overvieW
Slide down to open a
notification panel
Touch to open Calendar
‘Recent Books’ is a
list of recently
opened books
Last downloaded books
Slide up to open an
application panelGeSSSng S SarSed 18
notifi cation panel
TSuSh Sr slSde dSwn She SSSn SS Spen a Notifi ca-
tion panel.
noTe: YSu San Spen Notifi cation panel alsS pressSng a Menu buSSSn.
NSSSfi SaSSSn panel gSves an easS aSSess SS SSnfi guraSSSn SS
Wi-Fi and Frontlight, Sync SS neSwSrk servSSes, Task man-
ager, devSSe Settings and Search.
AlsS She news Sn ReadRaSe are dSsplaSed Sn SS.
noTe: TS see She ReadRaSe news, please, auShSrSze SS She servSSe
fi rsS. GS Settings > Accounts and Synchronization > ReadRate and
Log in She servSSe.GeSSSng S SarSed 11
CauTion! TSuSh sSreen SS She DevSSe Ss sensSSSve enSugh and Ss a
SragSle deSaSl. T S avSSd SSs damage, please, SSuSh SS SareSullS whSle
SSnSr SllSng She DevSSe wSSh gesSures.
Opens an elemenS (bSSk, file, SSlder applSSaSSSn Sr
menu SSem).
Touch & hold
Opens SSnSexS menu SS an elemenS (SS avaSlable).
Turns pages SS a bSSk Sr a lSsS; mSves an Smage:
slSde SSur finger aSr Sss She sSreen.
SSrSlls lSsSs: mSve SSur finger aSrSss She sSreen
rapSdlS .GeSSSng S SarSed 21
Changes She Smage sSale: plaSe SwS fingers
Sn a sSreen and pSnSh Shem SSgeSher SS
zSSm SuS Sr spread Shem aparS SS zSSm Sn.
WorKinG WiTh on-SCreen KeyBoard
On-sSreen keSbSard Ss used when SS’s neSessarS SS enSer
SexS SnSSrmaSSSn, SSr example, SSr searSh Sr neSwSrk SSn-
neSSSSn SredenSSals.
TS SSpe a sSmbSl, press a keS .
TS swSSSh SS anSSher SnpuS language, press She SurrenS
language buSSSn. T S add She language SS She Sn-sSreen
keSbSard laSSuS gS SS Settings > Languages > Keyboard
1. Change Sase;
2. EnSer She SSped SexS;GeSSSng S SarSed 21
3. ClSse She Sn-sSreen keSbSard;
4. Erase lasS SSped sSmbSl;
5. Change SnpuS language.
As SSu SSpe a passwSrd (e.g. WS-FS SredenSSals) SSSn
wSll appear Sn a SexS fi eld. TSuSh SS SS see SSped sSmbSls.
Open She NSSSfi SaSSSn bar SS dSsplaS She FrSnSlSghS SSnSrSl
menu. The FrSnSlSghS SSnSrSl menu has SwS parSs:
1. General frontlight control. ThSs SnSludes an ON/OFF
swSSSh SS Surn She lSghS Sn and SSS and a brSghSness slSder.GeSSSng S SarSed 22
no Te: TS Surn She Sr SnSlSghS Sn Sr SSS wSShSuS SpenSng She NSSSfi-
SaSSSn bar, hSld She Menu buSSSn SSr Sne seSSnd.
2. SMarTlight frontlight temperature control. B S de-
SaulS, ShSs SunSSSSn Ss Sn auSSmaSSS mSde (She swSSSh Ss Sn
She ON pSsSSSSn). ThSs means ShaS She devSSe deSermSnes
She SpSSmal SemperaSure depend Sng Sn She SSme SS daS
(Sr Sm neuSral whSSe Sn She mSrnSng SS warmer hues Sn She
When She auSSmaSSS mSde Ss SSS (She swSSSh Ss Sn She OFF
pSsSSSSn), She slSder Sn She sSreen Ss aSSSvaSed and SSu San
manuallS seleSS She Sr SnSlSghS SemperaSure.
no Te: The devSSe shSuld have She SSrreSS SSme SS ensure ShaS SS
wSrks SSrreSSlS Sn auSSmaSSS mSde. T S adjusS She SSme seSSSng, en-
able “a utomatic time synchronization” (Settings – Date/time) Sr
seS She SSme manuallS .GeSSSng S SarSed 23
ConneCTinG T o The inTerneT
The DevSSe San be SSnneSSed SS She InSerneS usSng
WS-F S neSwSrks. When SSu Spen an applSSaSSSn ShaS re-
quSres an InSerneS SSnneSSSSn (eg, Browser Sr BookStore)
WS-F S SSnneSSSSn Ss esSablSshed auSSmaSSSallS . IS a knSwn
neSwSrk Ss nSS avaSlable, She lSsS SS avaSlable wSreless SSn-
neSSSSns Spens. IS She neSwSrk SS whSSh SSu wanS SS SSn-
neSS Ss seSured, enSer She neSwSrk passwSrd usSng She Sn-
sSreen keSbSard.
AlsS, WS-F S SSnneSSSSn San be enabled/disabled bS SlSSkSng
She SSSn Sn She nSSSfiSaSSSn panel. IS a knSwn neSwSrk
Ss avaSlable, She SSnneSSSSn Ss esSablSshed auSSmaSSSallS ,
SSherwSse – Spens a lSsS SS avaSlable neSwSrks.
advanced Settings
IS SS Ss needed SS SSnfigure neSwSrk seSSSngs manuallS se-
leSS Settings > Wi-Fi, gS SS She seleSSed neSwSrk and SlSSk
More… aS She bSSSSm SS She sSreen:GeSSSng S SarSed 24
• YSu San Shange IP address configuration:
• DHCP — geS IS address auSSmaSSSallS (SS DHCS
server Ss SSnfigured);
• Manual (SSr skSlled users) — enSer neSwSrks
parameSers manuallS Sr Sm She Sn-sSreen keSbSard.
• IS She neSwSrk SSu need SS SSnneSS SS has a pr SxS
server, SSu San speSSSS SSs parameSers Sn Proxy configura-
tion seSSSSn.
Connection to a hidden network
1. SeleSS Settings > Wi-Fi.
2. Open Connection to a hidden network and enSer
SSs SSID Sr Sm She Sn-sSreen keSbSard Sn She Network name
(SSID) field.
3. SeleSS seSurSSS SSpe Sn She SSrrespSnd Sng lSsS:
• None – SSr an Spen neSwSrk;
• Simple (WEP) – aSSer SSu seleSS ShSs SpSSSn, SSu
wSll need SS speSSSS WEP Authentication type – Open
System Sr Shared Key eSSher. GeSSSng S SarSed 25
• WPA/WPA2 PSK – SSu wSll need SS enSer neS-
wSrk keS (up SS 64 sSmbSls).
4. TS SheSk neSwSrk SSnfiguraSSSn and SSnneSS SS a
neSwSrk, reSurn SS She Connection to hidden network seS-
SSSn and press Connect. applications
In ShSs ShapSer SSu wSll learn abSuS applSSaSSSns wSSh are
preSnsSalled Sn SSur DevSSe.
There Ss Shree apps whSSh Ss brSughS SuS SS She maSn menu:
• Library;
• BookStore;
• Browser.
The resS SS She apps are avaSlable aS She applSSaSSSn bar. TS
SnvSke SS SSuSh She SSSn aS She maSn menu.ApplSSaSSSns 27
LSbrarS Ss e-bSSks file manager, whSSh allSws SS gr Sup,
sSrS, Shange appearanSe SS She seSSSSn and perSSrm
searSh. Read mSre abSuS ShSs app aS Library.
BooK S Tore
BSSk SSSre applSSaSSSn pr SvSdes quSSk and SSnve-
nSenS lSSensed SSnSenS dSwnlSad Sr Sm SSSre pSrSal
(hSSp://www.bSSkland.SSm/) SS SSur DevSSe. The SnSerneS
SSnneSSSSn musS be aSSSve.
IS SSu are alreadS regSsSered aS She pSrSal
hSSp://www.bSSkland.SSm/, press I already have an ac-
count BookLand and SheSk SS She lSgSn and passwSrd are
enSered SSrreSSlS aS S SSre seSSSngs.
EnSer SSur aSSSunS daSa aS S SSre Sn She seSSSSn Settings >
Accounts and Synchronization Sn SSur DevSSe.ApplSSaSSSns 28
IS She SSnneSSSSn wSSh an aSSSunS Ss seS prSperlS, SSu geS
aSSess SS all She SeaSures SS a pSrSal.
Sress She Personal Room SS expand SpSSSns SSr wSrk
wSSh a persSnal aSSSunS:
• Top up the balance – SSp up She balanSe Sn a sSSe
BSSkLand Sr dSreSSlS Sn devSSe usSng SaSSal sSsSem;
• Purchase history – She lSsS SS gSSds, purShased aS
She sSSre;
• My cards – used bank Sards;
• Exit.
Home Personal roomApplSSaSSSns 21
SeleSS She bSSk and press Buy SS pur Shase gSSds. ChSSse
She SSrmaS SS a dSwnlSad Sng bSSk and press Buy and
download Sn She page Your purchase. The bSughS file Ss
mSved SS She SSlder Library > Downloads and Ss d SsplaSed
Sn She wall SS Last events SS She MaSn Menu.
no Te: IS Shere Ss nS mSneS Sn SSur balanSe, SS wSll be SSSered SS
SSu SS SSp up She balanSe Sn a sSSe BSSkLand Sr d SreSSlS Sn devSSe
usSng S aSSal sSsSem.
Bro WSer
ThSs Ss an applSSaSSSn SSr vSewSng web-pages. As SSu sSarS
BrSwser, SSu are suggesSed SS SSnneSS SS Sne SS avaSlable
wSreless neSwSrks.
TS enSer websSSe address, SSuSh address bar, SSpe an ad-
dress Sr Sm Sn-sSreen keSbSard appeared and press Enter.
TS SSllSw a lSnk, jusS SSuSh SS. IS a web-page dSesn’S fiS a
sSreen, SSu San sSrSll SS: plaSe SSur finger Sn She sSreen ApplSSaSSSns 31
and mSve a page. AlsS, SSu San Shange sSale SS a web-
page usSng zSSmSng gesSures (pSnSh Sr spread SwS fi ngers).
Hardware buSSSns / are used SS sSrSll page verSSSallS:
sSrSlls dSwn and sSrSlls up, respeSSSvelS.
FrSm brSwser menu SSu San vSew hSsSSrS SS vSsSSed web-
sSSes, dSwnlSads, SavSrSSes, adjusS sSale SS dSsplaSSng web-
pages, rSSaSe a sSreen and SSnfi gure She brSwser SrSm
Settings seSSSSn. Under Settings SSu San Slear hSsSSrS and
SSSkSes, dSsable/enable JavaSSrSpS and lSadSng Smages.
TS exSS BrSwser, SSuSh She SSrrespSndSng SSem Sn brSwser
menu.ApplSSaSSSns 31
EngSneerSng SalSulaSSr suppSrSs a wSde range SS
maShemaSSSal SperaSSSns, suSh as d SSSerenS numerSS sSsSems,
SrSgSnSmeSrSS, lSgarSShm, pSwer and lSgSSal SperaSSSns.
STandard aPPS
Calendar & Clock
Opens SurrenS mSnSh Salendar and SlSSk. NavSgaSSSn /
allSws SurnSng Sver a Salendar. The buSSSn reSurns SSu
SS She SurrenS mSnSh. Read abSuS daSe and SSme seSSSng Sn
Date/Time manual’s ShapSer.
ApplSSaSSSn SSr drawSng. T S seleSS She drawSng SSSl, use
She applSSaSSSn SSnSr Sl panel:
TexS: seleSS She pSsSSSSn and sSze SS She SexS bSx. TexS Ss
enSered wSSh She Sn-sSreen keSbSard;ApplSSaSSSns 32
FSnS: Shange SSnS and SSs sSze;
SenSSl: a SSSl SSr drawSng ShSn lSnes;
Marker: a SSSl SSr drawSng ShSSk lSnes;
Eraser: a SSSl SSr remSvSng lSnes and SexS;
BaSk: SanSel She lasS SperaSSSn;
CurrenS drawSng/SSSal number SS drawSngs: Shange
She SurrenS drawSng;
New: sSarS new drawSng;
DeleSe drawSng;
ExSS applSSaSSSn.
TS save a pSSSure, SSuSh SSSn. The SurrenS pSSSure wSll be
saved SS She My Pictures SSlder Sn She r SSS SSlder SS She DevSSe.
In addSSSSn, Scribble applSSaSSSn Ss used SSr ed SSSng graphSS nSSes.
Opens LSbrarS Sn She mSde SS vSewSng Smages (dSwnlSaded
SS She SSlder Gallery). The Spened phSSS Ss d SsplaSed Sn a Sull-
sSreen mSde. TS seS a phSSS as Power-off Logo, SS Rotate
Sr vSew Information abSuS SS, SSuSh She Sull-sSreen Smage SS
swSSSh SS She ed SSSng mSde and press menu sSgn Sn She rSghS ApplSSaSSSns 33
SSp SSrner SS She sSreen. In She ed SSSng mSde SSu San zSSm a
phSSS bS zSSmSng gesSures and seS She seleSSed area as a lSgS.
ClassSS sSlSSaSre.
SSpular Japanese puzzle. Sress Sn an empSS Sell SS seleSS
SS. ASSer ShaS SSu San SnpuS Sn She seleSSed Sell She d SgSS
SSu ShSnk shSuld be Sn She Sell Sr seS labels — d SgSSs ShaS
SSu suggesS maS be Sn She Sell. DSgSSs and labels shSuld be
ShSsen Sr Sm She bSSSSm seleSSSSn panel.
YSu San plaS versus SSur SrSend Sr She DevSSe. IS SSu are
plaSSng agaSnsS She DevSSe, SSu San seleSS 11 d SSfiSulSS
levels.ApplSSaSSSns 34
Music player
MusSS plaSer SSr plaSSng .mp3 medSa fi les.
Shuffl e Normal
Collapse Playlist
Volume “+“
Volume “-“ Next
Repeat once
In She Application menu SSu San add audSS fi les and SSld-
ers wSSh audSS SS She plaSlSsS, rearrange SraSks, and save Sr
Slear plaSlSsS. ApplSSaSSSns 35
audio books
ThSs applSSaSSSn plaSs audSS bSSks Sn She SSllSwSng SSrmaSs:
.m4a, .m4b, .Sgg, and .mp3. In addSSSSn, audSS bSSks Sn
BS means SS She context menu, Spened wSSh a
lSng press Sn She SraSk, SSu San perSSrm She
SSllSwSng SperaSSSns: vSew SnSS abSuS SraSk,
add SS queue, Sr remSve She fi le SrSm She lSsS.
Volume “+”
control Bookmark
Volume “-” Book info
Book ListApplSSaSSSns 36
SSnSaSners are suppSrSed: .mp3.zSp, .zSp. Aud SS bSSks wSSh
files lSSaSed Sn a d SreSSSrS San alsS be plaSed.
UsSng She SSrrespSnd Sng menu SpSSSns SSu San
add/remSve audSS bSSks SS/Sr Sm She plaSlSsS,
manage She lSsS SS bSSks, and sSrS She lSsS aS-
SSrdSng SS basSS parameSers.
SeS SSur preSerred plaSbaSk speed and vSSSe
SSne usSng She SlaSbaSk CSnSr Sl menu.
inTera CTive aPPS
rSS news
ApplSSaSSSn SSr add Sng and read Sng RSS Seeds. T S add RSS
news Seeds, Spen RSS seSup. SeleSS She Add RSS feed Sp-
SSSn. EnSer She Seed address usSng She Sn-sSreen keSbSard.
TS deleSe She Seed, seleSS SS, Spen She SSnSexS menu and
seleSS Delete SSmmand Sr press She Recycle bin SSSn .ApplSSaSSSns 37
TS edSS She Seed, seleSS SS, Spen She SSnSexS menu and se-
leSS Edit name Sr Edit URL SSmmand. Ed SS She RSS Seed
name Sr address usSng She Sn-sSreen keSbSard.
TS updaSe Seed, seleSS Update Sn She applSSaSSSn menu.
UpdaSed SSnSenS Ss added SS She file wSSh .hrss exSensSSn,
and She file wSll be aSSessSble SSr read Sng aSSer updaSSng.
The news dSwnlSad Sng sSaSus Ss d SsplaSed whSle updaSSng.
ASSer She updaSe file Ss avaSlable SSr read Sng SSS-lSne usSng
She br Swser.
TS read laSesS Seeds, seleSS Read the latest news SpSSSn Sn
She applSSaSSSn’s menu. The laSesS dSwnlSaded RSS Seed
updaSes Spen Sn br Swser.
News Archive: bS seleSSSng ShSs SpSSSn SSu San ShSSse SS
read She prevSSuslS sSSred updaSSng RSS Seeds.ApplSSaSSSns 38
dropbox PocketBook
DrSpBSx applSSaSSSn allSws SS dSwnlSad files, added SS
DrSpbSx SrSm anS SSmpuSer Sr anS DevSSe wSSh SnsSalled
DrSpbSx app Sr Sr Sm She DrSpbSx websSSe, SS SSur DevSSe.
And SSu dS nSS need SS SnsSall anSShSng SS SSur SSSkeS-
BSSk, SS Ss enSugh SS auShSrSze Sn She servSSe.
how to start using
1. RegSsSer Sn She Dr SpbSx servSSe (www.dr SpbSx.SSm);
2. InpuS SSur DrSpbSx aSSSunS daSa (emaSl address
and passwSrd) Sn SSur SSSkeSBSSk DevSSe Sn She seSSSSn
Settings > Accounts and Synchronization > Dropbox > Log-
in SS auShSrSze Dr SpbSx. (The WS-F S SSnneSSSSn shSuld be
Sn, SSherwSse SSu wSll be asked SS Surn SS Sn);
3. ASSer suSSessSul auShSrSzaSSSn, She Dropbox Pock-
etBook sSnS SSlder wSll be SreaSed Sn She LSbrarS SS She De-
vSSe. The Application > Dropbox PocketBook d SreSSSrS wSll
shSw up Sn SSur Dr SpbSx aSSSunS, and aSSer sSnShr SnSza-
SSSn SS wSll be avaSlable Sr Sm SSher devSSes wSSh Dr SpbSx.
no Te: The applSSaSSSn Sn SSur devSSe wSll have aSSess SnlS SS files
Sn She Application > Dropbox PocketBook SSlder Sn She server.ApplSSaSSSns 31
how to synchronize
1. FSles, added SS She d SreSSSrS Application > Drop-
box PocketBook Sn She server and SS She sSnS SSlder Sn
SSur DevSSe, wSll be auSSmaSSSallS sSnShr SnSzed when She
SnSerneS SSnneSSSSn Ss Sn.
2. All sSnShrSnSzed files wSll be dSwnlSaded SS She
sSnS SSlder Sn She LSbrarS (bS deSaulS, Dropbox PocketBook
Ss She sSnS SSlder, buS SSu San Shange SS Sn Settings > Ac-
counts and Synchronization > Dropbox > Sync folder).
1. TS sSnShrSnSze all SSnSenS Sn sSnS SSlders, Sn Set –
tings ShSSse ‘Accounts and Synchronization > Dropbox >
Synchronize files now’, Sr Sn She Library ShSSse ‘Synchro –
nize files now’ Sn She SSnSexS menu SS She sSnS SSlder.
2. ASSer sSnShr SnSzaSSSn all SbSaSned files wSll be alsS
avaSlable Sn She sSnS SSlder Sn She LSbrarS Sn She DevSSe.ApplSSaSSSns 41
The applSSaSSSn allSws SS send files SS She emaSl address SS
SSur DevSSe. SenS bSSks wSll be auSSmaSSSallS dSwnlSaded
SS SSur DevSSe, SS She W S-F S Ss Surned Sn.
how to start using
1. RegSsSer SSr She Send-SS-SSSkeSBSSk servSSe, SSr
ShSs purpSse dS She SSllSwSng:
• LaunSh applSSaSSSn:
• Sr Sm She Applications > Send-to-PocketBook seSSSSn;
• Sr SrSm Settings > Accounts and Synchroniza-
tion > Send-to-PocketBook.
no Te: The WS-F S SSnneSSSSn shSuld be Sn, SSherwSse SSu wSll be
asked SS Surn SS Sn.
• In She Spened wSzard enSer SSur SSnSaSS emaSl ad-
dress and passwSrd.
• The emaSl wSSh She aSSSvaSSSn lSnk wSll be senS SS She
speSSfied address. F SllSw ShSs lSnk SS reSeSve She emaSl address
SS SSur DevSSe (SSr example, username@pbsSnS.SSm).ApplSSaSSSns 41
no Te: The SSnSaSS emaSl address Ss used SnlS SSr She auShSrSza-
SSSn SS She applSSaSSSn, and She servSSe address SS She DevSSe user –
name@pbsSnS.SSm Ss used SSr send Sng bSSks SS SS, SS SSu wanS
Shem SS be dSwnlSaded SS SSur DevSSe.
2. ASSer aSSSvaSSSn updaSe She regSsSraSSSn wSzard Sn
She DevSSe. ASSer ShaS all applSSaSSSns SeaSures wSll be avaSl-
able SSr SSu, and She dSwnlSad SSlder SSr reSeSved bSSks
wSll be SreaSed Sn She lSbrarS — Send to PocketBook.
how to get files
1. FSles, senS SS She servSSe emaSl address SS SSur DevSSe,
wSll be auSSmaSSSallS dSwnlSaded SS She dSwnlSad SSlder Sn
She DevSSe LSbrarS , when She SnSerneS SSnneSSSSn Ss Sn. DSwn-
lSad SSlder Ss avaSlable aSSer auShSrSzaSSSn Sr Sm She lSSaSSSns:
• Applications > Send-to-PocketBook;
• Settings > Accounts and synchronizations > Send-
to-PocketBook > Go to folder SS She SSnSexS menu SS She
Download folder;ApplSSaSSSns 42
• Library > Send-to-PocketBook.
2. BS deSaulS, ‘Send-to-PocketBook’ Ss She dSwnlSad
SSlder, buS SSu San Shange SS aS regSsSraSSSn Sr Sn She Set –
tings > Accounts and synchronization > Send-to-Pocket –
Book > Download folder seSSSSn.
TS updaSe She SSnSenS SS She dSwnlSad SSlder, Sn Settings
ShSSse Accounts and synchronization > Send-to-Pocket –
Book > Receive files now Sr Sn Library ShSSse Receive files
now Sn She SSnSexS menu SS She dSwnlSad SSlder.
ReSeSved files wSll be alsS avaSlable Sn She dSwnlSad SSlder
Sn She LSbrarS SS She DevSSe.
The list of trusted senders
DSSumenSs San be dSwnlSaded Sn She DevSSe, SS SheS are
senS Sr Sm She address, SSnSaSned Sn She ‘whSSe lSsS’ (a lSsS SS
She SrusSed senders).ApplSSaSSSns 43
The address, speSSfied aS regSsSraSSSn, Ss SSnSaSned Sn She
lSsS bS deSaulS.
IS She maSl Ss senS SS SSur DevSSe Sr Sm She unknSwn ad-
dress, SSu wSll reSeSve She leSSer wSSh a pr SpSsal SS add a
sender SS She ‘whSSe lSsS’. ASSer SSur SSnfirmaSSSn SSu wSll
reSeSve files SrSm She added address SS SSur DevSSe. Thus,
spam wSn’S geS Sn She DevSSe.reading Books
In ShSs ShapSer SSu wSll learn hSw SS read e-bSSks and SSn-
figure reader sSSSware SSr She mSsS SSmSSrSable read Sng.
The DevSSe suppSrSs nexS bSSk SSrmaSs: SDF, SDF DRM, ESUB,
TS Spen a bSSk, SSuSh SSs SSSn Sn Recent Books Sr Library
seSSSSn. IS SSu Spened a bSSk beSSre, SS wSll be Spened aS
She page SSu’ve finSshed readSng. In sSme bSSk SSrmaSs
(e.g. Sb2 Sr eSub) aSSer SpenSng a bSSk reader applSSaSSSn
wSll SSunS pages – ShSs Ss Snd SSaSed wSSh ‘…’ sSgn SnsSead SS
a page SSunS Sn a sSaSus bar. DurSng page SalSulaSSSn sSme
SeaSures wSll nSS be avaSlable.
TS brSng up read Sng menu, SSuSh She SenSer SS She sSreen
Sr press Menu buSSSn.ReadSng BSSks 45
GeSTureS in readinG Mode
Pressing in the center
of the screen evokes
the reading Menu
Page turning ScalingReadSng BSSks 46
readinG Menu
Book name: touch to
see the book info or
open ReadRate menu
Pull the slider to turn pages or touch
the page number to input the digits of
needed page
Open ReadRate
SearchReadSng BSSks 47
Adjust SMARTlight and Frontlight brightness in read-
ing mode
You can adjust the Frontlight brightness and the SMART-
light colour temperature using gestures.
To change brightness or the colour temperature without
leaving your book, just swipe your fi nger across the screen
as shown in the illustration.
If the Frontlight and SMAR-
Tlight automatic adjustment
mode is enabled, then the
device will ask if you want to
disable it and confi gure the
settings manually, without in-
terrupting your reading.ReadSng BSSks 48
SoCial neTWorKS & readraTe
NSw SSu wSll be able SS Sake advanSages SS sSSSal neS-
wSrks Sn SSur SSSkeSbSSk: share quSSaSSSns SrSm bSSks,
add SSmmenSs, Sell whaS SSu are readSng Sr have read,
lSke Sr dSn’S lSke. ReadRaSe alsS allSws SSu waSShSng She
SrSends’ evenSs and SbSaSnSng SnSSrmaSSSn abSuS She mSsS
pSpular bSSks.
YSu need an InSerneS SSnneSSSSn SS send evenSs SS sSSSal
neSwSrks. TS Spen She ReadRaSe menu, SSuSh She SSSn
Sn She readSng menu.ReadSng BSSks 41
reading status and Book rate
1. TSuSh Sne SS She SpSSSns (Now reading, Have read,
Plan to read, Recommend Sr Rate wSSh sSars Sr Sm 1 SS 5).
2. EnSer daSa (E-maSl and passwSrd) SS Sne SS SSur
aSSSunSs: Sn sSSSal neSwSrks Sr Sn She markeS BSSk S SSre.
3. In SSnsequenSe Shere wSll be SreaSed She ReadRaSe
prSfile, SSu San lSnk anSSher sSSSal neSwSrks aSSSunSs SS SS.
ASSer auShSrSzaSSSn She wSndSw appears:ReadSng BSSks 51
4. SeleSS sSSSal neSwSrks, where SSu wanS SS send
news: FaSebSSk, VkSnSakSe, OdnSklassnSkS, TwSSSer – SSSns
SS ShSsen neSwSrks wSll beSSme heSSed.
5. IS She ShSsen sSSSal neSwSrk wasn’S lSnked SS She
ReadRaSe prSfi le, SSu wSll be prSpSsed SS lSnk Shem.
6. CSnfi rm SSur ShSSSe bS pressSng oK.
All aSSSSns are dSsplaSed bS deSaulS Sn SSur ReadRaSe prSfi le
and Sn She news lSne SS ShSsen sSSSal neSwSrks.
ASSer aSSSvaSSng Now reading, Have read Sr Plan to read
sSaSuses, SheSr SSSns beSSme SSlSred — , and .
1. TSuSh Recommend SpSSSn.
2. ASSer ShaS She sSenarSS reading status and Book
rate Ss perSSrmed, begSnnSng SrSm 2 item.ReadSng BSSks 51
3. ChSSse a SrSend Sr Sm a lSsS Sr enSer user emaSl SS
send a reSSmmendaSSSn SS hSm/her.
4. EnSer a SSmmenS and SSnfirm send Sng bS pressSng
Share quotation
TS share quSSaSSSn Sr Sm a bSSk:
1. ASSer SSnSSnuSus SSuSh Sn She sSreen Sn She
Spened bSSk, Sreeper SS SexS seleSSSSn appear.
2. SeleSS quSSaSSSn and press Share SSSn .
3. ASSer ShaS She sSenarSS reading status and Book
rate Ss perSSrmed, begSnnSng Sr Sm 2 item.ReadSng BSSks 52
4. All aSSSSns SS SSur SrSends Sn ReadRaSe are d Ss-
plaSed Sn Notification panel SS SSur DevSSe:
5. YSu San Delete Sr Open evenS. When SSu Spen SS
all new SrSends’ aSSSSns Sn ReadRaSe wSll be d SsplaSed.
TS deleSe SSur sSSSal neSwSrks aSSSunSs SnSSrmaSSSn SSr
ReadRaSe, gS SS Settings > Accounts and Synchroniza-
tion > ReadRate > Remove ReadRate authorization Sn SSur
IS SSu wanS Surn SSS SempSrarSlS She ReadRaSe SunSSSSnalSSS ,
seS Off Sn Settings > Accounts and Synchronization > Read-
Rate > ReadRate Status. ASSer ShSs SperaSSSn all ReadRaSe
SpSSSns beSSmes hSdden and SnaSSSve.ReadSng BSSks 53
IS a bSSk has Sable SS SSnSenSs, SSu San Spen SS bS seleSS-
Sng She SSrrespSnd Sng read Sng menu SSem.
CSnSenS seSSSSn SSnSaSns Shree SnseSs:
• Sections (bSSk’s ShapSers names);
• Bookmarks (made durSng read Sng);
• Notes (graphSS Sr SexS).
IS Sable SS SSnSenSs has mSre Shen Sne level, hSgher level enSrS
wSll be marked wSSh ‘+’ sSgn – SSuSh SS SS expand. ‘+’ sSgn wSll
be Shanged SS ‘-‘ – SSuSh SS SS SSllapse.
TS Spen SSnSenSs menu SSuSh and hSld SSur finger Sn She
sSreen Sr press keS. UsSng She menu SSu San Spen SSn-
SenSs enSrS , edSS Sr deleSe nSSes and bSSkmarks.
In addSSSSn, SSu San expand Sr SSllapse all She Sable SS
SSnSenSs enSrSes.ReadSng BSSks 54
TS SreaSe a bSSkmark, SSuSh rSghS SSp SSrner SS She sSreen.
A dSg ear mark wSll appear. T S deleSe a bSSkmark, SSuSh
ShSs mark agaSn and SSnfirm deleSSSn.
AlsS SSu San add/remSve bSSkmarks bS seleSSSng She SSr –
respSndSng read Sng menu SSem. All She bSSkmarks are d Ss-
plaSed Sn bSSk SSnSenSs.ReadSng BSSks 55
TSuSh and hSld a wSrd SS Spen a panel allSwSng SSu SS
searSh SSr SranslaSSSn usSng Sne SS SnsSalled dSSSSSnarSes Sr
fi nd a wSrd Sn GSSgle. AlsS aSSer seleSSSng DSSSSSnarS SSem,
a wSndSw wSSh dSSSSSnarS enSrS SS a seleSSed wSrd appears.
NexS SSSls are avaSlable:
On-screen keyboard for
typing text for translation
Fix windowReadSng BSSks 56
noTe: HandwrSSSen nSSes are nSS avaSlable SSr DjVu bSSks.
ASSer SSu wSll enSer NSSes, a SSSlSSp wSndSw wSll appear.
NSSes allSws SSu SS save SavSrSSe bSSk SragmenSs and
make handwrSSSen reSSrds dSreSSlS Sn She SexS. All She nSSes
wSll be dSsplaSed Sn bSSk’s Sable SS SSnSenSs. TS enSer nSSes
mSde, seleSS Note readSng menu seSSSSn.ReadSng BSSks 57
TeXT-To-SPeeCh (voiCe)
TexS-SS-SpeeSh ( TTS) sSSSware Ss desSgned SS SransSSrm SexS
SnSS speeSh.
TS sSarS TTS, Spen readSng menu and seleSS Voice. TTS SSn-
SrSl panel wSll appear:
SrSgress bar SndSSaSes a SragmenS read SurrenSlS, pages are
Surned auSSmaSSSallS as SSu lSsSen.
InSSSallS Shere Ss 1 TTS paSkages Ss SnsSalled Sn She DevSSe.
IS SSu wanS SS add a new TTS paSkage, Sap Sn add voice
Sn She menu and ShSSse She paSkage SSu wanS.
ExSS SeleSS vSSSe paSkage SlaS/Sause VSlume
Add vSSSeReadSng BSSks 58
Installation of additional voice packs
WARNING! Before installing new voice packs we recommend checking for
a new version of the device software (Refer to «Software update» section).
Installation of the new voice pack
1. Please download the voice pack of your interest
(.pbi file extension) from the «Support» section at www.
2. Connect the device to the PC via USB cable and copy
the voice pack to the internal memory of the device.
• The copied file should be placed in the root directory of the device’s ReadSng BSSks 51
internal memory .
• If there is not enough space in the internal memory to install a new pack,
you need to clear a space or delete one of the existing voice packs.
3. When She SSpS pr SSess Ss SSmpleSed, d SsSSnneSS She
USB Sable.
4. Open She Library, seS gr SupSng bS Folders and find
She reSSrded vSSSe paSk.
5. ClSSk She file SSSn and SSnfirm She SnsSallaSSSn.
6. When SnsSallaSSSn SS She vSSSe paSk Ss SSmpleSed, gS
SS Settings > Languages >Speech Synthesis and seleSS She
SnsSalled vSSSe paSk. Y Su San alsS Shange She vSSSe paSks Sn
She Voice applSSaSSSn.
deleting a voice pack:
1. GS SS Settings> Languages> Speech Synthesis >Remov-
ing Packages.
2. SeleSS She vSSSe paSkage SSu wanS SS deleSe.
3. ClSSk She Back SSSn.
4. CSnfirm She deleSSSn.ReadSng BSSks 61
readinG SeTTinGS
In ShSs seSSSSn SSu San fi nd SuS hSw SS SSnfi gure SSur read-
Sng seSSSngs SSr dSSSerenS bSSk SSrmaSs. YSu San alsS learn
abSuS all She avaSlable SpSSSns and SeaSures Sn ShSs menu.
ePuB, fB2, etc.
TS SSnfi gure ESUB, TXT, FB2, DOC and SSher SexS SSrmaS
bSSks, Spen She ReadSng menu and seleSS Settings.
Page Sab – SSu San ShSSse
lSne spaSSng, SSnS sSze, mar-
gSns wSdSh and alsS enable
Sr dSsable hSphenaSSSn.
Font Sab – use ShSs Sab SS
seleSS SSnS sSze and SSnS
sSSle.ReadSng BSSks 61
Screen Sab – SSu San enable
Sr dSsable page numberSng,
She sSaSus bar and seS hSw
She pages are numbered.
Built-in page numbering dSsplaSs She number SS pages Sn
She bSSk’s SrSgSnal laSSuS. One page San SSver Sne Sr sev-
eral sSreens, dependSng Sn readSng seSSSngs.
IS She SunSSSSn Ss dSsabled, She numberSng wSll dSsplaS She
number SS sSreens. IS maS Sake a whSle SS SalSulaSe She
number SS sSreens when SSu fi rsS Spen She bSSk, Sr aSSer
She readSng seSSSngs have been Shanged. The number SS
sSreens wSn’S be SalSulaSed agaSn whenever She bSSk Ss
Spened aSSer ShSs.ReadSng BSSks 62
Pdf & djv u
YSu San Shange SnlS She whSle page sSale SnlS (exSepS
Reflow mSde SSr SDF).
SSnSh SwS fingers SSgeSher SS zSSm SuS Sr spread Shem
aparS SS zSSm Sn Sr slSde a finger upwards She rSghS
sSde SS sSreen SS zSSm Sn Sr dSwnwards – SS zSSm SuS,
respeSSSvelS .
Under Mode read Sng menu seSSSSn SSu San zSSm pages Sr
seleSS vSewSng mSde:
1. Fit width – sSalSng page SS She sSreen wSdSh;
2. Whole page – Sne page sSalSng;
3. Columns – SSr readSng bSSks wSSh SSlumns. T S
navSgaSe She page use navSgaSSSn buSSSns. A page wSll be
Surned aSSer bSSSSm edge SS She sheeS reaShed;
4. Reflow – Sn ShSs mSde SexS Ss SSrmaSSed SS d SsplaS
SSmpleSelS Sn She sSreen. ReflSw mSde Ss suppSrSed SSr ReadSng BSSks 63
SDF bSSks SnlS. SSme Sables and pSSSures SannSS be d Ss-
plaSed Sn She Reflow mSde;
5. Margins cropping – allSws SS deSrease margSns
wSdSh Sr heSgSh:
• off — S urn SSS margSns SrSppSng;
• automatic — margSns wSll be SrSpped
• manual — mSve arrSw buSSSns SS seS margSns
wSdSh and heSgSh SS margSns.
6. Fullscreen mode – Surn Sn Sr Surn SSS She SullsSreen
mSde durSng read Sng:
• pages — Surn Sn Sr Surn SSS pages numberSng;
• status bar — Surn Sn Sr Surn SSS She d SsplaS SS sSa-
Sus bar durSng read Sng.ReadSng BSSks 64
l oadinG fileS
CSnneSS She DevSSe SS She SC usSng mSSr SUSB Sable.
no Te: The DevSSe shSuld be kepS Sn whSle SransSerrSng files.
YSu wSll be prSmpSed SS seleSS USB mSde: PC Link Sr
Charge eSSher. SeleSS PC Link. OperaSSng sSsSem SS SSm-
puSer wSll deSeSS DevSSe’s sSSrage as remSvable d Ssk. NSw
follo WinG linKS
TS SSllSw a SSSSnSSe, SnSernal Sr exSernal lSnk, SSuSh SS en-
Ser lSnks mSde. T S exSS ShSs mSde, SSuSh SSp leSS SSrner SS
She sSreen.
IS a lSnk SSllSws SS a web-sSSe, SS wSll be Spened wSSh DevSSe
buSlS-Sn br Swser. TS reSurn SS read Sng, press Exit Sn Br Swser
menu.ReadSng BSSks 65
SSu San SSpS files SS She DevSSe usSng ExplSrer Sr SSher file
aTTenTion! ASSer SSpSSng files saSelS remSve She DevSSe beSSre
dSsSSnneSS She Sable!
downloading protected e-books (adobe drM)
RegSsSraSSSn aS www.adSbe.SSm Ss requSred SS use e-bSSks
Sn pr SSeSSed SSrmaS (Sign in > Create an Adobe Account).
download via *.acsm
1. VSsSS www.adSbe.SSm vSa SSur br Swser.
no Te: She SurrenS versSSn SS SSur br Swser Sn She DevSSe dSes nSS
suppSrS Flash SlaSer.
2. Open Menu > Products > All products.
3. FSllSw She lSnk Digital Editions Sn She alphabeSSSal
Sndex SS pr SduSSs.ReadSng BSSks 66
4. Open Visit the sample eBook library aS She bSSSSm
SS She page SS enSer She lSbrarS .
5. ChSSse a bSSk and SlSSk DSwnlSad SSem.
6. A dSwnlSad wSndSw wSll appear Sn She sSreen.
The file name shSuld SSnSaSn She name SS She bSSk and
She file exSensSSn .acsm. ClSSk Save.
7. ASSer She file Ss saved Sn SSur SC, a lSnk as URLLSnk.
aSsm wSll appear.
no Te: The same sequenSe SS aSSSSns allSws dSwnlSad Sng a lSnk SS
a prSSeSSed bSSk Sr Sm anS SnlSne bSSksSSre.
DS She SSllSwSng SS Spen a pr SSeSSed (DRM) bSSk Sn She
1. CSpS She file SS She lSnk SS a bSSk (*.acsm) SS SSur
2. FSnd and Spen She file Sn SSur DevSSe.
3. FSllSw She Sn-sSreen SnsSruSSSSns SS aSSSvaSe SSur
DevSSe. T S dS ShSs, use She Sn-sSreen keSbSard SS enSer She
lSgSn and passwSrd SS SSur aSSSunS Sn www.adSbe.SSm ReadSng BSSks 67
SnSS She Device Activation SSrm. Then SSu wSll be able SS
dSwnlSad She bSSk.
4. DSwnlSad She bSSk. ASSer She dSwnlSad Ss SSm-
pleSe, a Sull versSSn SS She bSSk wSll be avaSlable SSr read Sng
Sn She Digital Edition SSlder.
The dSwnlSaded bSSk Ss prSSeSSed (DRM) and SannSS be
Spened bS a nSn-regSsSered user.
download books via PC
1. Open She Adobe Digital Editions applSSaSSSn.
no Te: When SSnneSSSng SSur DevSSe SS SC SSr She firsS SSme, Ado-
be Digital Editions prSmpSs SSu SS aSSSvaSe She new devSSe. Use
SSur regSsSraSSSn daSa aS www.adSbe.SSm SSr ShSs. IS She DevSSe
Ss nSS aSSSvaSed, SS wSll be SmpSssSble SS SSpS a bSSk Sr Sm SC SS
devSSe usSng Adobe Digital Editions. AuShSrSzaSSSn SS Adobe Digital
Edition San be deleSed Sn seSSSSn Settings > Service > Delete ADE
authorization.ReadSng BSSks 68
2. SeleSS She Go to library view SSSn.
3. ClSSk All items.
4. ChSSse a bSSk and SSpS SS SS SSur DevSSe.
Sync your device with network services
YSu San alsS uplSad files SS She DevSSe sSnShrSnSzSng de-
vSSe memSrS wSSh persSnal aSSSunSs SS neSwSrk servSSes
– Send-to-PocketBook, PocketBook Cloud and Dropbox.
variant 1
• Open Settings > Accounts and Synchronization;
• SeleSS She apprSprSaSe neSwSrk servSSe (Send-to-
PocketBook, PocketBook Cloud Sr Dropbox);
• SeleSS She sSnShr SnSzaSSSn SpSSSn.
variant 2
• Open Library;
• Call up She SSnSexS menu SS a SSlder SS She servSSe
whSSh SSu wanS SS sSnShr SnSze wSSh SSur devSSe;
• SeleSS She sSnShr SnSzaSSSn SpSSSn.ReadSng BSSks 61
FSr deSaSled SnSSrmaSSSn abSuS wSrk wSSh neSwSrk servSSes
see seSSSSns Send-to-PocketBook, PocketBook Cloud and
Dropbox PocketBook. Read mSre abSuS SSnfi gurSng neS-
wSrk servSSes aS She seSSSSn Accounts and Synchronization.
SSnShrSnSzaSSSn sSaSus San be vSewed Sn She Notifi cation
DurSng uplSadSng Sr dSwnlSadSng fi les an anSmaSed
SSSn dSsplaSs aS She sSaSus bar. TSuSh She SSSn SS Spen
a wSndSw wSSh She sSnShrSnSzaSSSn sSaSus SS all servSSes.
The SSSn Sn She sSaSus bar Shanges SS SS She errSr SS-
Surred durSng sSnShrSnSzaSSSn SS Sne SS She servSSes. IS all
sSnShrSnSzaSSSn prSSesses are SSmpleSed wSShSuS errSrs,
She SSSn Sn She sSaSus bar dSsappears.ReadSng BSSks 71
LSbrarS Ss e-bSSks file manager . LSbrarS menu allSws SS filSer , grSup,
sSrS, Shange appearanSe SS She seSSSSn and perSSrm sear Sh.
1. Grouping criteria
DependSng Sn seleSSed SrSSerSSn bSSks are gr SupSng bS:
• All Books;
• Authors;
• Genres;
• Collections – SreaSe SSur Swn
shelves wSSh bSSks depend Sng Sn SSur
SnSeresSs and preSerenSes;
• Favorites;
• Folders;
• Formats;
• Series;
• PocketBook Cloud.ReadSng BSSks 71
The resulSs SS grSupSng San be dSsplaSed as as-
SendSng (A-Z ) Sr desSendSng (Z-A ).
2. Sorting criteria
• By opening date;
• By addition date;
• By title;
• By author.
3. Books list views
Simple – Sn ShSs mSde She SSver SSSn SS She bSSk Ss dSsplaSed.
Detailed – Sn ShSs mSde Shere’s added auShSr, SSSele,
ShumbnaSls, SnSSrmaSSSn abSuS fi le SSrmaS and sSze, read
List – Sn ShSs mSde nexS SnSSrmaSSSn Ss dSsplaSed:
• F older or book icon;
• Book title and author name (if known);
• Read per centage and Read status.ReadSng BSSks 72
Context menu…
…Spened bS SSnSSnuSus SSuSh…
…and allSws prSSeedSng wSSh nexS fi le and SSlder SperaSSSns:
• Book Info – brSeS SnSSrmaSSSn abSuS bSSk/SSlder;
• ReadRate;
• Add to Collections;
• Add to Favorites;
• All books of author;
• Delete;
• Upload to PB Cloud/Remove from PB Cloud;
• Select – mulSSple ShSSSe SS fi les.ReadSng BSSks 73
PocketBook Cloud
YSu San read SSur bSSks Sn d SSSerenS devSSes and be SSnfi-
denS ShaS all SSur bSSks, SavSrSSes, SSlleSSSSns and read Sng
prSgress wSll be saved. Y Su San aSSess SSur bSSks SrSm anS
devSSe lSgged SnSS SSur SSSkeSBSSk ClSud aSSSunS.
no Te: SSSkeSBSSk ClSud sSSres files Sn SDF, SDF DRM, ESUB, ESUB
HTML, MOBI and ACSM SSrmaSs. HSwever, sSnSSng read Sng pSsS-
SSSn Ss SurrenSlS SnlS avaSlable SSr SDF and ESUB SSrmaSs.
how to sign in
YSu San sSgn SnSS She PocketBook Cloud servSSe Shr Sugh a
websSSe, She SSSkeSBSSk Reader mSbSle app (SSr Andr SSd
and IOS) Sr SrSm SSur SSSkeSBSSk e-Snk reader.
When SSu firsS seS up SSur DevSSe, SSu wSll be asked SS sSgn
SnSS SSur PocketBook Cloud aSSSunS Sr, SS pSssSble, SSu wSll
be auSSmaSSSallS regSsSered. ReadSng BSSks 74
IS SSu have skSpped ShSs sSep, a prSmpS SS sSgn Sn SS SSur
PocketBook Cloud aSSSunS wSll appear Sn She nSSSfi SaSSSn
TS sSgn Sn:
1. Tap Sn ShSs nSSSfi SaSSSn Sr gS SS Settings > Ac-
counts and Synchronization > PocketBook Cloud.
2. YSu wSll be redSreSSed SS She lSgSn SSrm, where SSu
San sSgn Sn usSng SSur bSSksSSre aSSSunS Sr SSu San Sap Sn
Don’t have an account? Create! lSnk.
3. A lSsS SS parSners bSSksSSres wSll Spen Sn She
Browser app. TS SSnSSnue, ShSSse Sne SS She suggesSed
bSSksSSres bS SappSng Sn SSs name. ReadSng BSSks 75
4. YSu wSll be redSreSSed SS She parSner’s bSSksSSre
websSSe. GS SS She SSgn Sn SSrm and SSllSw She SnsSruSSSSns
SS SreaSe a new aSSSunS.
5. Then gS baSk SS Settings > Accounts and Syn-
chronization > PocketBook Cloud and enSer She aSSSunS
SredenSSals SSu used SS SreaSe SSur parSner’s bSSksSSre aS-
SSunS and Sap Log in.
Sync process
YSur bSSk lSsS and readSng pSsSSSSn auSSmaSSSallS sSnS
when SSu:
• log into your PocketBook Cloud account,
• open a book,
• close a book,
• add to a Collection / remove from a Collection,
• add to Favorites / remove from Favorites,
• fold a book.
TS SSrSe sSnShrSnSzaSSSn, SlSSk Sn She sSnS SSSn Sn She
nSSSfiSaSSSn panel.ReadSng BSSks 76
IS SSur DevSSe Ssn’S SSnneSSed SS She SnSerneS, SSu wSll SnlS
have aSSess SS She bSSks whSSh are alreadS Sn SSur DevSSe.
OnSe She devSSe Ss SSnneSSed SS She SnSerneS all SSur bSSks
wSll be sSnSed.
IS an errSr SSSurred durSng sSnShr SnSzaSSSn, please SheSk
SSur SnSerneS SSnneSSSSn. IS SSur SnSerneS SSnneSSSSn Ss
wSrkSng, SrS SS sSnS SSur bSSks laSer.
Working with files
• File storage. A dSSSed Srame lSne ar Sund She bSSk
Sn She SSSkeSBSSk e-Snk reader means ShaS She bSSk has
nSS been lSaded SeS SS She devSSe’s memSrS and Ss SnlS
sSSred Sn SSur PocketBook Cloud aSSSunS.
• Uploading new books. YSu San uplSad new bSSks
SS SSur PocketBook Cloud vSa websSSe, SSSkeSBSSk e-Snk
reader Sr AndrSSd/IOS SSSkeSBSSk Reader app. ASSer sSn-
ShrSnSzaSSSn, all new bSSks are auSSmaSSSallS sSSred Sn
SSur PocketBook Cloud aSSSunS. The bSSk wSll be auSS-
maSSSallS uplSaded SS SSur PocketBook Cloud aSSer SSu ReadSng BSSks 77
Spen She bSSk Sn SSur DevSSe, Sr SSu San ShSSse Upload
to PB Cloud SpSSSn Sn She SSnSexS menu.
• Deleting books. Use She SSnSexS menu SS remSve a
bSSk SrSm SSSkeSBSSk ClSud. There are SwS SpSSSns – De-
lete (Sr Sm She devSSe’s memSrS) and Remove from Cloud.
IS She file Ss sSSred Sn PocketBook Cloud and Ss SnlS de-
leSed Sr Sm She devSSe’s memSrS , SS wSll appear agaSn aSSer
She nexS sSnShr SnSzaSSSn. IS She file was deleSed Sr Sm She
ClSud, SS SannSS be resSSred.
File stored both in Device
memory and in PB Cloud
File stored only in PB Cloud
File stored only in Device
In ShSs ShapSer SSu wSll learn hSw SSnfigure She SnSerSaSe and
sSSSware SeaSures SS She DevSSe SSr She mSsS SSmSSrSable
usage. SeleSS Settings aS Notification panel SS SSnfigure She
DevSSe. All Shanges wSll be applSed aSSer exSSSng She seSSSSn.
In ShSs seSSSSn SSu San seS parameSers needed SSr neSwSrk
Network access — on Sr off. ASSer neSwSrk aSSess
aSSSvaSSSn, She SSllSwSng seSSSngs appear:
• Connection to hidden networks — read mSre Sn
She Connecting to the Internet seSSSSn SS ShSs manual.
• Available Networks — a lSsS SS avaSlable neSwSrks.
ChSSse Sne SS Shem and SSu’ll see parameSers SS ShSs
SSnneSSSSn: NeSwSrk name (SSID), sSgnal sSrengSh, seSurSSS ,
IS-address, neSwSrk mask, maSn gaSewaS , DNS.
no Te: IS SSannSng Ss d SsplaSed SnsSead SS Available Networks, SS means ShaS
DevSSe Ss sear ShSng SSr avaSlable neSwSrks.SeSSSngs 71
aCCounTS and SynChroniza Tion
Book Store — Sn ShSs seSSSSn SSu San enSer Login and
Password SSr auShSrSzaSSSn Sn She Book Store.
Send-to-PocketBook — She SSllSwSng SpSSSns are
• PocketBook account: SSur aSSSunS emaSl.
• Login/Log out: SS SSu are nSS auShSrSzed Sn She
applSSaSSSn, SnpuS SSur SSnSaSS emaSl address and pass-
wSrd, SS auShSrSze. IS SSu are auShSrSzed, She emaSl, SS
whSSh SSu San send bSSks, Ss d SsplaSed. Y Su San lSgSuS
• Receive files now: The SSnSenS SS She Download
folder wSll be updaSed. BeSSre updaSe, please, SheSk SS SSur
DevSSe Ss SSnneSSed SS She InSerneS.
• Receive files automatically: On Sr Off. F Sles, senS
SS She DevSSe address username@pbsSnS.SSm, wSll be au-
SSmaSSSallS updaSed Sn She dSwnlSad SSlder, SS W S-F S SSn-
neSSSSn Ss Sn. Y Su San Surn SSS auSSmaSSS reSeSvSng files SS
SpSSmSze She DevSSe pr SduSSSvSSS .SeSSSngs 81
• Download folder: lSSaSSSn SS reSeSved files. The
Send-to-PocketBook SSlder Ss seS bS deSaulS. Y Su San
ShSSse anS SSher SSlder Sr SreaSe a new Sne Sn She SnSernal
DevSSe sSSrage.
• About service — mSre deSaSled abSuS servSSe.
dropbox — In ShSs seSSSSn She SSllSwSng SpSSSns are
• Login/Log out: SS SSu are nSS auShSrSzed Sn She ap-
plSSaSSSn, SnpuS SSur Dr SpbSx aSSSunS daSa SS auShSrSze. IS
SSu are auShSrSzed, Shen SSu San lSgSuS Dr SpbSx.
• Synchronize Now: FSles Sn She Sync folder and
SSSkeSbSSk devSSe d SreSSSrS wSll be sSnSed. BeSSre sSnSSng
files, please SheSk SS SSur DevSSe Ss SSnneSSed SS She InSer –
neS and Ss lSnked SS She pr Sper DrSpbSx aSSSunS
• Autosync: Turn On Sr Off auSS sSnShrSnSzaSSSn.
The servSSe Ss Surned Sn auSSmaSSSallS aS She auShSrSzaSSSn,
sS DrSpbSx wSll auSSmaSSSallS sSnS files, SS W S-F S SSnneS-
SSSn Ss Sn. Y Su San Surn SSS auSSsSnS SS SpSSmSze She DevSSe
prSduSSSvSSS .SeSSSngs 81
• Sync Folder: lSSaSSSn SS sSnSed files. YSu San alsS
mSve files SS Sync folder, SS SSu wanS SS sSnS Shem wSSh
Dropbox Pocketbook dSreSSSrS Sn She server. The Dropbox
PocketBook SSlder Sn She DevSSe Ss seS bS deSaulS. Y Su San
ShSSse anSSher SSlder Sr SreaSe a new Sne Sn She SnSernal
DevSSe sSSrage.
• About Service — mSre deSaSled abSuS servSSe.
readrate — In ShSs seSSSSn She SSllSwSng SpSSSns are
• Remove ReadRate Authorization. ASSer remSvSng
all files SS evenSs SrSm ReadRaSe are deleSed. Read mSre
abSuS ReadRaSe Sn Social networks & ReadRate seSSSSn.
• ReadRate Status;
• ReadRate authorization.
adobe drM
TS auShSrSze, SnpuS SSur Login (e-maSl address) and Pass-
word. When SSu are auShSrSzed, SSur lSgSn and Remove-
Adobe DRM Authorization SSem are dSsplaSed. ASSer re-
mSvSng all pr SSeSSed DRM dSSumenSs wSll be unavaSlable. SeSSSngs 82
PocketBook Cloud — In ShSs seSSSSn She SSllSwSng Sp-
SSSns are avaSlable:
• Login/Log out: SS SSu are nSS sSgned SnSS She ap-
plSSaSSSn, enSer SSur PocketBook Cloud aSSSunS daSa SS lSg
Sn. IS SSu are sSgned Sn, Shen SSu San lSg SuS.
• Sync Now: F Sles Sn She Download folder and SSSk-
eSbSSk devSSe d SreSSSrS wSll be sSnSed. BeSSre sSnSSng files,
SheSk SS SSur DevSSe Ss SSnneSSed SS She SnSerneS and Ss
lSnked SS She SSrreSS PocketBook Cloud aSSSunS.
• Download Folder: She lSSaSSSn SS sSnSed files. YSu
San ShSSse anSSher SSlder Sr SreaSe a new Sne Sn She Sn-
Sernal DevSSe sSSrage.
• About Service — mSre SnSSrmaSSSn abSuS She
f rontlight — ShSs seSSSSn allSws SSu SS seS up She
FrSnSlSghS and SMARTlSghS exSended seSSSngs.
Frontlight – use She onoff swSSSh SS Surn She FrSnSlSghS
on Sr off.SeSSSngs 83
Advanced Frontlight Settings – SSu San SreaSe SSur Swn
seSSSngs SSnfiguraSSSns and manage Shem.
• New settings – allSws SSu SS SreaSe SSur Swn Sus-
SSm seSSSngs SSr auSSmaSSS Fr SnSlSghS adjusSmenS.
• Default – SaSSSrS seSSSngs SSr auSSmaSSS Fr SnSlSghS
YSur SusSSm seSSSngs wSll be d SsplaSed Sn ShSs seSSSSn as SSu
SreaSe Shem.
When a new seSSSngs SSnfiguraSSSn
Ss SreaSed, a graph wSll be d SsplaSed
Sn She sSreen where SSu San seS
She FrSnSlSghS brSghSness and SSs
SMARTlSghS SSlSur SemperaSure. T S
define a parameSer, pSsSSSSn She
SursSr (ReS . 1) aS She requSred SSme Sn She graph, and bS
mSvSng She slSders under She graph (ReS . 2, 3) define She
SSmSSrSable brSghSness and SemperaSure SSr eaSh hSur.
IS SSu wanS SS applS She new SSnfiguraSSSn Smmed SaSelS ,
exSS She graph parameSers and SSnfirm She new seSSSngs.
When a SSnfiguraSSSn Ss pressed, a SSnSexS menu wSll
3SeSSSngs 84
appear ShaS wSll allSw SSu SS manage SusSSm Fr SnSlSghS
• Activate;
• Edit;
• Copy;
• Rename;
• Delete.
Power-off l ogo — She Smage wSll be d SsplaSed when She
DevSSe Ss SSS . YSu San seS a SSver SS She lasS Spened bSSk
bS seSSSng book cover.
no Te: YSu San alsS seS SSur Swn pSSSure as a lSgS Sr Sm She Gallery
applSSaSSSn. Read abSuS SS Sn She Gallery seSSSSn.
Complete Page refresh. SeleSS She amSunS SS page
Surned beSSre She sSreen wSll be updaSed SSmpleSelS . Al-
ways SSem pr SvSdes She besS qualSSS , buS SSnsumes She
mSsS pSwer. Less SrequenSS maS Sause sSme arSSSaSSs Sr Sm
prevSSus pages Sn a sSreen.
open at Startup lasS Spened bSSk Sr maSn menu.SeSSSngs 85
Complete Page refresh. SeleSS She amSunS SS page
Surned beSSre She sSreen wSll be updaSed SSmpleSelS . Al-
ways SSem pr SvSdes She besS qualSSS , buS SSnsumes She
mSsS pSwer. Less SrequenSS maS Sause sSme arSSSaSSs Sr Sm
prevSSus pages Sn a sSreen.
user Profiles San be SSnfigured. EaSh pr Sfile sSSres Snd SvSdual
bSSks’ sSaSus, lasS Spened bSSks, bSSkmarks, nSSes, SavSrSSes
and pre-SSnfigured neSwSrk SSnneSSSSns.
TS add new prSfile, Spen She SSrrespSndSng SSem. Y Su wSll
be suggesSed SS seS desSSnaSSSn (lSSal memSrS) and SS enSer
She name Sr Sm Sn-sSreen keSbSard. ASSer ShSs SurrenS abSve-
menSSSned parameSers wSll be sSSred aS ShSs pr Sfile.
TS aSSSvaSe pr Sfile Spen She Sne SSu need. In pr Sfile SSnSexS
menu SSu San Shange avaSar, rename Sr deleSe pr Sfile.
l anGua GeS
language. SeleSS She DevSSe’s SnSerSaSe language.SeSSSngs 86
Keyboard layouts. Under ShSs seSSSSn SSu San add up SS
3 keSbSard laSSuSs.
available dictionaries. Under ShSs seSSSSn SSu San un-
SheSk dSSSSSnarSes SSu dSn’S wanS SS be d SsplaSed Sn She
lSsS durSng She SranslaSSSn Sr Sn Dictionary applSSaSSSn;
In ShSs seSSSSn SSu wSll be able SS seS daSe, SSme, SSme zSne
and SlSSk SSrmaS. Y Su San alsS Synchronize Time Sr seS
Auto Time Sync SS use She neSwSrk SSme/daSe.
SavinG Ba TTery
Here SSu San see baSSerS level and seS parameSers, whSSh
help SS save baSSerS Sharge:
• Battery Percentage;
• Auto screen lock — seS SSme SS Sdleness, aSSer
whSSh She DevSSe Ss lSSked: SSS , 5 mSn, 11 mSn.SeSSSngs 87
• Power off after — seS SSme SS Sdleness, aSSer whSSh
She DevSSe pSwer SSS: 11, 21, 31 Sr 61 mSnuSes.
uSB Mode — seS hSw She DevSSe handles USB SSnneSSSSn
bS deSaulS: PC link, Charge or Ask when connected.
Backup & recovery
• Restore Configuration – seleSS She SSnfiguraSSSn
file SS resSSre Sr Sm a lSsS.
• Protect Configurations by Password — Sn ShSs seS-
SSSn SSu San prSSeSS SSur seSSSng bS passwSrd. SeleSS Set
Password seSSSSn and SSpe She passwSrd Sr Sm Sn-sSreen
keSbSard. NSw eaSh SSme SSu SrS SS enSer Settings seSSSSn,
SSu wSll be asked SS enSer She passwSrd. Y Su San remSve Sr
Shange passwSrd bS seleSSSng She SSrrespSnd Sng SSem. T S
prSSeed, SSu wSll be asked SS enSer She passwSrd SnSe mSre.
• Diagnostic and Usage — sSSSware prSvSdes daSa
SS SSSkeSBSSk abSuS sSme aSSSSns, perSSrmed bS a user SeSSSngs 88
Sn She DevSSe SSr She SurSher Smpr SvemenS SS She DevSSe
and servSSes SS users. The serSal number and anS SSher Sn-
SSrmaSSSn SSr SdenSSSSSng a user Ssn’S saved. Y Su San dSsable
ShSs SpSSSn SS sSaSSsSSSs gaSherSng Sn She Diagnostic and Us-
age seSSSSn.
format internal Memory – ShSs aSSSSn wSll erase all daSa,
exSepS sSsSem files.
CauTion! IS SSu need SS erase all daSa Sn She DevSSe, use ShSs
SeaSure SnlS , dSn’S SrS SS SSrmaS She DevSSe SnSernal memSrS vSa SC.
factory reset – She DevSSe sSaSe wSll be reseS SS SaSSSrS
deSaulS seSSSngs, erasSng user seSSSngs. OSher daSa (e.g.
bSSks, phSSSs) wSn’S be lSsS;
demo mode – swSSShSng demS mSde SSr She DevSSe. T S aSSS-
vaSe demSnsSraSSSn mSde SheSk On Sn She Demo mode SSem.SeSSSngs 81
SofTW are
Firmware Version – She SurrenS versSSn SS firmware Ss d Ss-
Software Update – She DevSSe wSll sear Sh SSr updaSes Sn
She SSllSwSng Srder: SnSernal sSSrage and InSerneS.
Auto Update – Surn Sn/SSS auSSmaSSS SheSk SSr updaSes.
Third-Party Apps — lSSense and SnSSrmaSSSn abSuS ShSrd-
parSS applSSaSSSns, used Sn She DevSSe.
aBouT deviCe
The SSllSwSng SnSSrmaSSSn abSuS DevSSe wSll be d SsplaSed:
Device Model (mSdel, serSal number, hardware plaSSSrm,
WS-F S MAC address),
Memory (SperaSSve memSrS , SSSal and avaSlable SnSernal
License – lSSense and SnSSrmaSSSn abSuS applSSaSSSns, used
Sn She DevSSe.f irmware update
WarninG! FSrmware UpdaSe Ss a respSnsSble SperaSSSn, durSng
whSSh managemenS sSSSware SS She DevSSe wSll be Shanged. In Sase
SS Smpr Sper exeSuSSSn SSnSr Sl prSgram maS be damaged and wSll
requSre SreaSmenS Sn She servSSe SenSre. Slease perSSrm She upgrade
prSSedure Sn aSSSrdanSe wSSh She SnsSruSSSSns belSw.
There are SwS waSs SS updaSe She firmware.
automatic update
TS sSarS auSSmaSSS sSSSware updaSe seleSS Settings > Soft –
ware > Software Update.
The DevSSe wSll begSn SS SheSk avaSlable updaSe sSur Ses Sn
She SSllSwSng Srder:
• InSernal memSrS;
• InSerneS.FSrmwar e UpdaSe 11
IS deSaulS InSerneS SSnneSSSSn Ss nSS seS, She DevSSe wSll ask
SS SSnneSS SS Sne SS avaSlable wSreless neSwSrks.
AlsS SSu San aSSSvaSe She auSSmaSSS updaSes SheSk (Set –
tings > Software > Auto Update). In ShSs Sase, She DevSSe
wSll use W S-F S SSnneSSSSn SnlS .
Manual update
1. Open sSSe www.pSSkeSbSSk-SnS.SSm. SeleSS SSur
SSunSrS .
2. ClSSk She Support buSSSn Sn SSp menu. SeleSS hard-
ware mSdel SS SSur DevSSe.
3. DSwnlSad She Firmware SS SSur SC.
4. UnpaSk She SSnSenS SS She ar ShSve, file SWUSDATE.
BIN, and SSpS SS SS She r SSS SSlder SS SnSernal DevSSe sSSrage.
5. SwSSSh SSS She DevSSe bS pressSng buSSSn on/off.
6. Sress and hSld bSSh Backward and forward buSSSns.
7. SwSSSh Sn She DevSSe bS pressSng on/off. HSld
bSSh Backward and forward buSSSns unSSl She message
Firmware update… Ss d SsplaSed Sn She sSreen.FSrmwar e UpdaSe 12
8. FSllSw She Sn-sSreen SnsSruSSSSns wSSh pSSSures:
connect USB cable to the Device and Press Menu Key
no Te: YSu San SheSk SSur FSrmware versSSn Sn Main menu > Set –
tings > Software > Firmware Version
error Message reason Correction Method
No upgrade image
SannSS be SSund Sn She
Sard. Make sure She file
Ss Sn She r SSS SSlder SS
She Sard.
DeleSe sSme files Sr Sm
She DevSSe and SSpS
Sne mSre SSme. RepeaS
She dSwnlSad Sr Sm www.
Upgrade image is
corrupted or Image is
damaged Sr Shere Ss
nS spaSe avaSlable Sn
She Sard.
DeleSe sSme files Sr Sm
She DevSSe and SSpS
Sne mSre SSme. RepeaS
She dSwnlSad Sr Sm www.
File read error MemSrS Sard errSr
Slease SSnSaSS servSSe
Error. A different
firmware version is
installed on the device
A firmware file SS an
Slder versSSn Ss sSSred
Sn She devSSe SnSernal
DeleSe She Sld versSSn SS
She firmware file Sr Sm She
DevSSe’s SnSernal memSrS
rSSS SSlderTroubleshooting
Malfunciton Possible reason Solution
DevSSe dSes nSS Surn Sn Sr
Surns Sn buS SnlS She lSgS
Ss lSaded
BaSSerS Ss lSw Charge She baSSerS
A bSSk dSes nSS Spen
– She message Book is
probably damaged or pro-
tected appears, Sr nSShSng
happens aS all
The bSSk Ss damaged
IS She bSSk was dSwn-
lSaded SrSm She SnlSne
sSSre SrS SS re-lSad SS agaSn.
IS She file Spens Sn SSur
SC, buS dSes nSS Spen Sn
She DevSSe, save She bSSk
Sn anSSher SSrmaS (TXT,
HSml bSSk Spens buS Ss
dSsplaSed SnSSrreSSlS .
FSr example, Shere are
empSS pages, sSme parS SS
She SexS Ss mSssSng eSS.
HTML-files SSnSaSn
nSn-SexS elemenSs
(Srames, JAVA-sSrSpSs,
Save She page Sn TXT
BSSk Spens buS varSSus
sSmbSls, quesSSSn marks
eSS. are d SsplaSed SnsSead
SS leSSers
InSSrreSS enSSdSng
SwSSSh SS read Sng mSde,
seleSS Settings and Shange
NS respSnse when SSu
press anS keS
SSmeSSmes (e.g., when
dSwnlSad Sng damaged Sr
SSS large bSSks) She DevSSe
maS Sreeze
ClSse She Sr Szen applSSa-
SSSn bS pressSng / keSs
sSmulSaneSuslS SSr 1–2 seS. TrSubleshSSSSng 14
Malfunciton Possible reason Solution
dSsks are nSS d SsplaSed Sn
YSur DevSSe Ss Sn She baS-
SerS ShargSng mSde.
CheSk USB mSde Sn Set –
tings MaSn Menu SSem. SeS
Connection to PC Sr Ask at
NS sSgnal Sn SSnneSSSSn
CheSk USB Sable SSndSSSSn
and SSs pr Sper SSnneS-
SSnneSS She USB-Sable SS
anSSher pSrS
BSSkmarks, seSSSngs and
SurrenS pSsSSSSn Sn file San-
nSS be saved
FSle sSsSem damaged
CSnneSS She devSSe SS a
SC and SheSk dSsks. T S prS-
Seed, Spen My Computer,
rSghS-SlSSk Sn She seleSSed
dSsk and seleSS Properties >
Service > Check Disk

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