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Please read the separate Wii U Operations Manual and built-in electronic
manuals for a complete description of features and procedures.
After setup, select (Health & Safety Information) on the Wii U Menu to
read important information about the safe use of the Wii U system
and components.
If this product will be used by children, an adult should assist with setup and
configuration of the system. The ability to use certain features or content can
be restricted by Parental Controls. See manuals for more information.
From setup to gameplay
Quick Start Guide
Basic Setup
Configuring Your System
Using Game DiscsGetting Started: Check Set Contents
There are two versions of the Wii U™ system: the Basic Set and the Deluxe Set. See the diagrams below for
a list of components included in each set.
Wii U console (1)
Wii U console (1)
Wii U Console AC
Adapter (1)
Wii U Console AC
Adapter (1)
Wii U GamePad (1)
Wii U GamePad (1)
Wii U GamePad AC
Adapter (1)
Wii U GamePad AC
Adapter (1)
Sensor Bar (1)
Wii U GamePad
Stylus (1)
Wii U GamePad
Stylus (1)
Wii U GamePad
Cradle (1)
High Speed HDMI™
Cable (1)
High Speed HDMI
Cable (1)
Both sets include the following items:
• Quick Start Guide (1)
• Wii U Operations Manual (1)
• May include other printed materials
Please read the Wii U Operations Manual for details on
setup and use of these components.
Wii U GamePad
Stand (1)
Wii U Console
Stands (2)
Basic Set
Deluxe Set
Sensor Bar (1)
[RVL-014]Console Setup and Connection Guidelines
Please use the following guidelines when setting up your system. After setup is complete, be sure to
select (Health & Safety Information) on the Wii U Menu to read important information about proper
use of the Wii U system and components.
• The console has intake and exhaust vents designed to maintain adequate ventilation. Do not operate
the console in any location where these vents may become covered or obstructed, for example, on
carpet or in a tightly enclosed space. Keep vents clear of any dust or other foreign material.
• Do not store the Wii U console in a humid place, on the floor, or in any location where it may collect
dirt, dust, lint, etc.
• Make sure all connections to the system are made carefully and inserted into the correct locations only.
Hold plugs straight when inserting them into sockets. Make sure that the AC-adapter plug is completely
inserted into the wall outlet.
• When disconnecting any plugs from the console or wall outlet, first turn the Wii U console off. Then
carefully pull by the plug itself rather than by the cord.
• Do not expose the Wii U console, components, or accessories to extreme heat or cold.
• Do not locate the console on top of other AV equipment.
Basic Setup
First review the Console Setup and Connection Guidelines below, and then connect the included Wii U
GamePad AC adapter as shown in the illustration.
After confirming that the battery LED is lit orange, proceed to step on the next page.
Before setting up your system, charge the Wii U GamePad
The battery LED lights up orange during charging and will turn off
when the battery is fully charged.
When charging is complete, first unplug the AC adapter from the AC
outlet, then unplug it from the controller by carefully pulling the plug
straight out from the controller.
For best results, charge in an area with a temperature of 50°-95°F
The Wii U GamePad Cradle (Deluxe Set only) can also be used to charge the GamePad (see Charging the
Wii U GamePad in the Wii U Operations Manual). Connecting the Console to a TV
First make sure that your TV is turned off, then connect the HDMI cable and the AC adapter in the
order illustrated below.
• Place the Wii U console at least 4” (10 cm) away from walls or other surfaces that may block
• For best picture quality, use the included HDMI cable to connect your Wii U console to the TV.
AC Adapter
HDMI cable
If Your TV has No HDMI Port
Check the connections on your TV and then see the table below for other
cable options for connecting your Wii U console.
• Current Wii system owners can switch the cables plugged into the AV
Multi Out Connector on the back of the Wii console to the same
connector on the back of the Wii U system.
Optional cables (sold separately) compatible with Wii U:
Wii AV Cable [RVL-009] Wii Component Video Cable [RVL-011]Placing the Console Vertically
Insert the tabs on the side of the console into the slots in the Wii U
console stands (Deluxe Set only).
IMPORTANT: Make sure the console stands do not cover the vents on
the side of the console.
Configuring Your System
Placing the Sensor Bar
The sensor bar is required when using the Wii Remote™ or Wii Remote Plus controllers with your
Wii U system (some software titles do not require a sensor bar). Follow the instructions below to
install the sensor bar.
If you have a Wii system:
You can insert the sensor bar you are using with the Wii console into the
connector on the back of Wii U console.
If you don’t have a Wii system:
Please follow the steps below to set up the sensor bar that came with
your system.
Insert the sensor bar into the connector on the back of the Wii U console.
Remove the white mounting paper from the back of the sensor bar, and
then place the sensor bar either on the TV or under it (on the TV stand).
• Place the sensor bar laying flat and jutting out a
little bit in front of the TV or the TV stand.
• Place the sensor bar as close as possible to the
• Place the sensor bar parallel to the TV screen,
and align the center of the sensor bar with the
center of the TV screen.
Placement GuidelinesWhen you use your Wii U system for the first time, it will be necessary to pair the GamePad with your
console, and you will need to configure some initial settings such as the date, time, and the display setting
to use on your TV.
Turn the TV and Wii U console on, then select the
correct input setting for your TV or AV component
If you are using the HDMI cable, after changing the input setting
it may take a moment until an image is displayed on the TV
screen, depending on your TV model.
• If the console does not power on or the image does not
appear on the TV, check to make sure the console is con-
nected correctly. (See Connecting the Console to a TV on
the front side of this Quick Start Guide.)
• More information on input settings is available at
Turn the GamePad on
• If the unit is still charging (the battery LED is lit), operate
it with the AC adapter connected until the GamePad is
fully charged.
Pair the GamePad with the Wii U Console
Press the SYNC Buttons on the Wii U console and GamePad to pair them, as shown below.
Press the SYNC Button on the Wii U console.
Use the GamePad stylus to press the SYNC Button on the back of the controller.
Configuring Your System
MAA-WUP-S-USZ/E-C0Enter the symbols shown on the TV screen in order,
starting from the left, on the GamePad.
• If the GamePad screen is off, press and then the
SYNC Button on the GamePad.
The pairing is completed when Wii U GamePad is
now ready to use appears.
If the symbol entry screen appears again, please check
the symbols that appear on the TV and carefully enter
them again.
If a screen like the one on the right is shown on the TV, press
the SYNC Button on the Wii U console again and start over
from step above.
• Make sure you are close enough to the console and move
closer if necessary.
Follow the On-Screen Instructions
Tap symbol to enter.
Examples of symbols
If you can`t use the Touch Screen or it does not respond properly:
If a screen protector (optional accessory, sold separately) has been installed on the Touch Screen,
check to see if it is misaligned or if there are air bubbles, dirt, or dust trapped between the screen
protector and the surface of the screen.
Try removing it and using the Touch Screen again. If it operates correctly, either try reattaching the
screen protector, carefully following the instructions included with it, or avoid using one.
NOTE: If using an optional screen protector, please use Wii U GamePad screen protectors officially
licensed by Nintendo. The screen will display a description
of the setting you are currently
You can scroll the
explanation on the TV
screen up or down.
The settings screen will appear on the GamePad screen. Tap the
selections to configure your settings.
You can also operate the screen with the following controls.
• L Stick: Item selection
• +Control Pad: Item selection
• A/B/X/Y Buttons: On-screen button selection
Main Settings
Date and Time
TV/TV Remote
Add User
When the Wii U Menu appears on the screen, settings are com-
plete (screen shown for illustration purposes only, actual screen
may vary.)
System settings can be changed later —please see the Wii U Operations Manual for more information.You can use either Wii U or Wii Game Discs in the Wii U console.
• Tap (Health & Safety Information) on the Wii U Menu review to read important information about the
safe use of the Wii U system and components.
Pairing Wii Remote controllers with the Wii U Console
You can also use Wii Remote controllers to play
games on the Wii U (see game packaging and
manuals for more information). To use a Wii
Remote with your Wii U console, you must first
pair it with the console.
Press the SYNC Button on the Wii U console and then the SYNC Button on the Wii Remote. Follow the
on-screen instructions to complete the process.
• Some models of the Wii Remote allow you to press the SYNC Button
without removing the Wii Remote jacket or battery cover, using a protrusion
on the wrist strap.
Insert a Game Disc
Insert a disc with the label side facing up. If the console is
placed in vertical orientation, insert a disc with the label side
facing to the right.
Tap the Software Icon
If you insert a Wii Game Disc, the Wii Menu will appear on
the screen.
For more information, see the manual for the game you
are playing.
In addition to disc-based software, the Wii U system lets you enjoy downloadable
software, the Internet, and many other entertainment choices.
Enjoy your Wii U system!
Using Game DiscsTrademarks are property of their respective owners. Wii U is a trademark of Nintendo. © 2012 Nintendo. 77131A
For Wii Owners:
Transferring data from Wii to Wii U
You can transfer software, saved game data, and other data from your Wii console to your Wii U console.
In addition to the Wii U system, you will need the following items before transferring:
• A Wii system
• An SD or SDHC Memory Card (with at least 512 MB of free space)
• A broadband Internet connection
NOTE: See the Wii Operations Manual – Channels & Settings for details on Internet connections for the
Wii console.
Data You Can Transfer
You can transfer the data shown at the
right only. All data that can be trans-
ferred will be transferred at one time, so
you are unable to select which data to
Transferring Overview
After connecting both consoles to the Internet and downloading the free transfer software for each
system from the Wii Shop Channel, the data transfer is done using an SD card.
• Please review Transferring System Data in the Wii U Operations Manual for more information.
• Follow the detailed on-screen instructions in the transfer software to complete the operation.
Transferring the Data Using SD Cards Downloading the Transfer Software

Wii Software Save Data

WiiWare and Save Data

Virtual Console titles and Save Data

Add-on Content

Wii Points

Wii Shop Channel Account Activity

Mii Characters

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