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!!I Accessories
There are five different types of
filters (Y2, YG, 02, UV, and SL) for
each filter srze described in the
system chart on page 41.
l There are two different diame-
ters for the 80mm f/2.8 and
105mm f/3.5 lenses. When you
order filters for these lenses,
always specify the diameter of
your lens.
l When using a 49mm diameter
filter, employ the 49mm filter
for Mamrya C; otherwise attach-
ing the lens hood might be im-
possible. When you order filters,
always specify the MAMIYA C
Professional type.
l To attach a filter to a lens of
49mm filter diameter, place your
palm on the protective lens ring
screwed into the front barrel of
the lens, turn the ring counter-
clockwise to remove it, and then
screw in the filter. When a filter
is not used, always replace the
ring to protect the lens barrel.
Lens hoods
There are five different types of
lens hoods available for interchange-
able lenses.
Lens cases
Seven types of hard leather cases
are available for protecting the fol-
lowing interchangeable lenses :
Lens hood for 55mm lens (
Lens hood for 65mm lens (
Lens hood 42mm 4 for 80mm
f/2.8 (chrome type) and 105mm
f/3.5 (chrome type) lenses
Lens hood 48mm 6 for 80mm
f/2.8 (black type) 105mm f/3.5
D and 135mm f/4.5 lenses
Lens hood for super 180mm,
180mm and 250mm lenses (
Lens hoods marked with an
asterisk (
) have a side plate
which can be inclined. Attach
the lens hood to the lens with
this plate upward. When light
reflected from the lens hood to
the viewing lens becomes annoy-
ing while focusing, due to a
certain light condition, incline
the side plate to eliminate the
annoying reflection.
All of these lens hoods are com-
paratively new type attached
only to the taking lens. Old type
lens hoods are also acceptable.
55mm, 65mm, 80mm, 105mm,
135mm, 180mm, and 250mm.
Soft leather case
The soft leather case is widely
applicable to protect interchange-
able lenses for the Mamrya C
Professional or to store accessories.
This case also can hold lenses
for the Mamiya Press and Mamiya
24H Accessories
Single Exposure Attachment
By using the single exposure attachment provided, single
exposures can be made of dry plates (2 1/2 x 3 1/2 in.,
6.5x9cm) or cut films (4 3/4 x 6 1/2 in. cut film divided
into four 1/4 sizes or 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 in.) When using 4
3/4 x 6 1/2 in. cut film divided into four one-quarter sizes,
use a J-type film sheath. When using 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 in.
film, use a D-type film sheath.
Installing Method
Replace the camera back cover with the exclusive back
cover for single exposure. Always remove the spool in the
camera. Install a holder containing a dry plate or cut film
on the exclusive back cover, closing the outer frame of the
back cover to complete preparation.
Since the position of its focusing surface differs, the
conventional single exposure attachment for the MAMlYA C
series cannot be utilized on this camera.
25Focusing Screen
The following types
of focusing screen are
available, replaceable
according to the pho-
tographing purpose.
A metal frame is pro-
vided for all focusing
Matted entire surface ; Fresnel lens
(except center circular portion);
For general photography
with exposure factor scale.
Suitable for any lens
Focusing precision by the split
prism is sensitive compared with
the No. 2 Rangefinder Spot 4’
Matted entire surface (except cen-
ter circular portion); with expo-
sure factor scale.R Accessories
Grip holder (for Mamiya C)
The gr,o holder is a very con-
“enlent accessory for hand-
holding the camera While tak-
ing pictures or for carrying the
camera. Its accessory shoe is
attached on the top of the grip.
Pistol grip
This grip, which supports
the camera from the bottom,
has a trigger type shutter
release button which many
persons prefer when following
sports action.
Grip holder (for Mamiya C330 & RB)
Magnifying Hood
This magnifying hood may
be used instead of the focus-
ing hood. By turning the knob
on the side of this hood, either
3. 5X or 6X magnification can
be selected.
By attaching this Porrofinder
instead of the regular focusing
hood, the camera can be held
at eye level. The image in the
finder is right side up and cor-
rect right to left … actual visual
Magnification of this finder
approximately doubles the image
on the ground glass focusing
Prism Finder
Through this prism finder, the
image on the ground glass focus-
ing screen appears exactly as the
subject is seen. Really an in-
dispensable accessory for eye level
photo-journal photos or candid
Magnification of this finder is
approximately 2.5 times the
image on the ground glass focus-
ing screen, particularly bright
and clear.
CdS Porrofinder
This is a Porrofinder with
built-in CdS exposure meter
Match the index needles
within the finder by turning
the dial on the back of the
finder, and read the dial
scale. This device measures
the amount of light traveling
through the viewing lens
offering corrrect exposure
setting even for amateurs.
Eye Correction Lens
This lens, designed to correct visibility is installed
inside the eyepiece ring of the Porrofinder, CdS Por-
rofinder or Prism Finder.
Nine types of lenses are provided from +2.5 to -2
diopter (each diopter is +2.5, +2.0, +1.5, +1.0,
+0.5, -0.5, -1.0, -1.5 and -2.0).
When installing the lens on the finder, hold the
milled portion of the eyepiece ring with the thumb
and finger and turn it counterclockwise to remove the
ring. When the lens is a plus (convex) lens, Position
it with the flat surface outside and when it is a minus
(concave) lens place the concave surface on the ex-
terior then screw the ring into its original position.
28AccessoriesTripod Adapter Type P Flashgun Adapter
The flashgun adapter, design-
ed for the Mamiya flashgun, is
provided with an accessory shoe
for accommodating other brands
of clip-on type flash units.
Highly efficient large BC type
flashgun-usable with both a
screw-base bulb and a bayonet
type base bulb– supplies suf-
ficient light for taking picutures
under any condition.

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