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Hisense F24
User Guide
Manufacturer: Hisense Communications Co.,Ltd.
Address: 218 Qianwangang Road, Qingdao Economic & Technological
Development Zone, Qingdao, China
Hisense France SAS
Hisense Iberia, S.L.U
Hisense Italia S.r.l
Hisense South AfricaTable of Contents
Safety Precautions
1 General Safety Information
4 Medical Device
4 Road Safety
5 Power Supply & Charging
6 Specific Absorption Rate
7 Hearing Protection
7 Protecting the Environment
8 Cleaning and Maintenance
9 Emergency Call
9 Compliance
11 Copyright
Phone at a Glance
12 Phone Overview
14 Installin g Nano SIM card /
SD card
15 Battery
17 Turning Your Phone
18 T ouchscreen Gestures
21 Notification Center
21 Locking and Unlocking
21 Customizing Screen
22 Changing Date and
Using Your Phone
23 Home Screen
25 Contacts
26 Messages
27 Camera
28 Gallery
29 Calculator
29 Music
30 Browser31 Email
31 Important Information
32 Disclaim er
33 T rouble shooting

Safety Precautions
General Safety Information

• Do not crash, throw , or puncture your phone. A void falling,
squeezing, and bending of your phone.
• Do not use your phone in a moist environment , such as
b a th ro om. Pre ve n t yo u r p h o n e fro m b e i n g so a ke d o r
washed in liquid.
• Do not power on your phone when it is prohibited to use or
when the phone may cause interference or danger .
• Some parts of your phone are made of glass. The glass
could be broken if your phone is dropped on a hard surface
or receives a substantial impact. If the glass is broken, do
not touch the glass parts of the phone or attempt to remove
the broken glass from the phone. Stop using your phone
until the glass is replaced by authorized service provider .
• T urn of f your phone in aircraft. The phone may cause inter-
Failure to follow the following safety instructions could
result in fire, electric shock, injuries, or damage to your
phone or other property . Read all the safety information
below before using your phone.

Warning: situations that could cause injury to yourself or
Caution: sit uat ions t hat could cause damage t o your
device or other equipment.
Notice: notes, usage tips, or additional information.2
ference to control equipment of the aircraft.
• T urn of f your phone near high-precision electronic devices.
The phone may af fect performance of these devices.
• Do not attempt to disassemble your phone or its acces-
s or ies . O nly qualif ied per s onnel ar e allowed t o s er v ic e or
repair the phone.
• The socket-outlet shall be installed near the phone and shall
be easily accessible.
• Do not place your phone or its accessories in containers
with a strong electromagnetic field.
• Do not place magnetic storage media near your phone. Ra-
diation from the phone may erase the information stored on
• Keep the phone away from direct sunlight. Do not put your
phone in a high-tempe rature place or use it in a place with
flammable gas such as gas station.
• Use only approved batteries and chargers to avoid the risk
of explosion.
• Obey all laws or regulations on the use of the phone.
Respect ot hers’ privacy and legal rights when using your
• Strictly obey relevant instructions of this manual while using
USB cable. Otherwise your phone or PC may be damaged.
• Use a dry soft cloth to clean your phone. Do not use water ,
alcohol, detergent or any chemicals.
• Please backup your important data. Repair or other causes
may result in data loss.3
• Do not dis c onnect t he phone dur ing m em or y f or m at t ing or
fi l e tra n sfe r o p e ra ti o n s. Oth e rw i se , i t ma y ca u se p ro g ra m
failure or files damage.
• Keep the phone and charger out of the reach of children. Do
not let children use the phone or charger without supervi-
• Keep small phone accessories away f rom children t o pre-
vent choking hazard.
• Do not modify or remanufacture your phone.
• Do not immerse your phone in water or other liquids.
• Do not expose your phone to fire, explosion or other haz-
• The phone shall only be co nnected to a USB interface of
version USB 2.0.
• Ideal operating temperature are 0℃ to 40℃ , Ideal storage
temperature are -20 ℃ to 50℃ .4
Medical Device
• Obey all rules or regulations in hospitals and health care
• Y our phone contains radios that emit electromagnetic fields.
These electromagnetic fields may interfere with pacemakers
or other medical devices.
• If you wear a pacemaker , maintain at least 20 cm of separa-
tion between your pacemaker and your phone.
• I f you sus pec t y our phone is int erf ering wit h your pacemak er
or any ot her m edical dev ices , s t op us ing y our phone and
consult your physician for information specific to your medi-
cal device.
• W hen you perf orm repet it ive act ivit ies such as t yping or
play ing gam es on y our phone, y ou m ay ex per ienc e oc c a-
si on a l d isco mfo rt i n yo ur h an ds, a rms, w ri sts, sh ou l de rs,
neck or other parts of your body . If you experience discom-
fort, stop using your phone and consult your physician.
Road Safety
• Check local laws and regulations on using phone.
• Obey all local laws. Always keep your hands free to operate
the vehicle while driving. Y our first consideration while driv-
ing should be road safety .
• Pull of f road and park bef ore making or ans wering a call if
driving conditions require so.
• RF energy may af fect some electronic systems in your vehi-
cle such as car stereos and safety equipment.5
• When your vehicle is equipped with an air bag, do not ob-
st ruct wit h inst alled or port able wireless equipment . I t may
cause the air bag to fail or cause serious injury due to im-
proper performance.
• If you listen to music, please keep the volume at a reason-
able level so that you are aware of your surroundings. This
is of particular importance when near roads.
• Us ing y our phone in s ome c irc ums t anc es c an dis t r act y ou
and may cause danger . Obey rules that prohibit or restrict
the use of phone or headphones (for exampl e, avoid texting
while drivin g a car or using headphones while riding a bicy-
Power Supply & Charging
• Charge your phone with the included USB cable and power
adapter . Use of incompatible adaptor or cable may cause
permanently damage to your phone.
• Power adaptor shall be installed near phone and shall be
easily accessible.
Model name A121A-050200U-EU3
Input 100-240V~50/60Hz,0.35A
Output 5.0V/2.0A
• Using damaged cables or chargers, or charging when mois-
ture is present, can cause electric shock.
• Power adaptor is intended for indoor use only .
• Power outlet should be readily accessible. The outlet should
not be blocked during use.
• T o fully disconnect the phone from the mains, unplug the 6
AC/DC cable from power outlet.
• Power adap ters may become warm during normal use, and
prolonged contact may cause injury .
• Always allow adequate ventilation around power adapters
when using them.
• T he v ent ilat ion s hould not be im peded by c ov ering v en-
tilation openings with items (for example newspapers,
t ablecloths, curt ains and so on) t o avoid overheating and
malfunction. Maintain a clearance of at least 10 cm around
the phone.
• The phone should be used in a moderate climate.
• Do not plug or unplug USB port with wet hands, or it may
result in risk of electric shock.
• The phone is built with an internal rechargea ble battery: do
not expose the phone to excessive heat such as sunshine,
fire or the like.
• Battery contains materials which are hazardous and harmful
to the environment. The battery must be recycled or dis-
posed of separately from household waste.
Specific Absorption Rate (SAR)
• This product is tested to comply with applicable require-
ments and regulations of European Union of human expo-
sure to radio wave.
• Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) is used to measure radio
waves absorbed by a body . The device comply with RF
specifications when the device used at 5 mm from your
body . The SAR limit is 2.0 W/kg averaged over 10 gram of
tissue in European Union.7
• This product was tested and recorded the maximum SAR
value was 0.722 W/kg for the head,1.537W/kg for the body .
• The actual SAR level will be much lower than above value
sinc e t he product has been designed t o use t he minimum
energy for necessary communication with the base station.
Hearing Protection
This phone respects the current regulations for
limiting the maximum output volume. Prolonged
headset listening at high volume could lead to
hearing damage!
• Stop using the produc t or lower the volume if you feel your
ears ringing.
• Do not turn up the volume too high, doctors warn against
prolonged exposure to high volume.
• Excessive sound pressure f rom headset s and headphones
can cause hearing loss.
• T o pr ev ent poss ible hearing damage, do not list en at high
volume levels for long periods.
• Please only use Hisense headphones with your phone.
Recommendations for reducing the user’s
exposure to radiation
• Use your mobile phone in good signal reception conditions,
t o reduce t he amount of radiat ion received (especially in
underground car parks, on train journeys or in a car , etc.).8
• Use your phone when it receives the best signal (e.g.: Max-
imum number of signal strength bars).
• Use a hands-free kit.
D u ri n g ca l l s, ke e p the p h on e a w a y fro m the a b do men o f p re g-
nant women and the lower abdomen of teenagers.
Protecting the Environment

• Please observe the local regulations on phone packaging,
battery and used phon e disposal and bring them to the col-
lection point for proper recycling.
• Please take your used, unwanted lithium batteries to a des-
ignated place. Do not dispose of them in a rubbish bin.
Risk of explosion if battery is replaced by an incor-
rect type. Dispose of used batteries according to
the instructions.
Do not dispose of used phones or batteries in a
household rubbish bin.
Cleaning and Maintenance
• T urn of f the phone before cleaning and maintenance. Char-
ger should be unplugged from socket. Phone and charger
s hould be dis c onnec t ed t o pr ev ent any elec t r ic s hoc k or
short circuiting of battery or charger .
• Do not wipe the phone or charger by using chemical sub-9
s t anc e ( alc ohol benz ene) , c hemic al agent s or abr as iv e
cleaning agents to avoid damaging its parts or causing mal-
function. Y ou may clean with a slightly damp anti-static soft
• Do not scrape or alter phone case as paint substances, or
it may cause allergic reaction. If such reaction occurs, stop
using the phone immediately and seek medical help.
• Wipe dust of f power plug and keep it dry to avoid risk of fire.
• If phone or accessories do not work properly , contact your
local vendor .
• Do not disassemble phone or its accessories by yourself.
Emergency Call
In an emergency situation, if the phone is on and you are with-
in network range, it can be used to make an emergency call.
However , emergency call numbers may not be reachable in all
networks. Y ou should never rely on your phone for emergency
This equipm ent is in compliance with the essential requirements
and other relevant provisions of Directive 2014/53/EU.
SOFTW ARE VERSION: L1468.6.01.01.ZA00
S om e s of t war e M R ( m aint enanc e r eleas e) v ers ions will be 10
released by the manufacturer to fix some bugs or enhance sys-
tem stability after product lunched. All versions released by the
manufacturer have been verified and are still compliant with the
related rules.
Bands and max power
GSM850:824MHz-894MHzMax Power: 33±2dBm
GSM900:880MHz-960MHz Max Power: 33±2dBm
GSM1800:1710MHz-1880MHz Max Power: 30±2dBm
GSM1900:1850MHz-1990MHz Max Power: 30±2dBm
WCDMA B1:1920MHz-2170MHz Max Power: 23±2.7dBm
WCDMA B2:1850MHz-1990MHz Max Power: 23±2.7dBm
WCDMA B8:880MHz-960MHz Max Power: 23±2.7dBm
L TE B1:1920MHz-2170MHz Max Power: 23±2.7dBm
L TE B2:1850MHz-1990MHz Max Power: 23±2.7dBm
L TE B3:1710MHz-1880MHz Max Power: 23±2.7dBm
L TE B7:2500MHz-2690MHz Max Power: 23±2.7dBm
L TE B8:880MHz-960MHz Max Power: 23±2.7dBm
L TE B20:791MHz-862MHz Max Power: 23±2.7dBm 11
L TE B38:2570MHz-2620MHz Max Power: 23±2.7dBm
L TE B40:2300MHz-2400MHz Max Power: 23±2.7dBm
WIFI:2400MHz-2483.5MHz EIRP Power: < 20dBm
BlueT ooth:2400MHz-2483.5MHz EIRP Power < 10dBm
GPS: 1575.42±1.023MHz
FM: 87.5 MHz-108MHz
T he equipm ent is f or pr iv at e us e only . Copy ing CDs or down-
loading music, video or picture files for sale or other business
pur pos es m ay be a v iolat ion of c opy r ight law . Copy r ight ed
materials, works of art and/or presentations may require autho-
r iz at ion t o be f ully or par t ially c opied or r ec or ded. B e awar e of
all such applicable laws concerning recording and use of such
contents in your country and jurisdiction.12
Phone at a Glance
Phone Overview

The device features may vary based on your location,
language, carrier and model.
T his device supplies O T G f unct ion, please use st an-
dard OTG data cable.13
1. Distance/ Light sensor 10. Speaker
2. Front camera 1 1. V olume up button
3. Receiver 12. V olume down button
4. Flashlight 13. Power key
5. T ouch screen 14. Card tray
6. Main camera 15. Micro USB port
7. De-noising mike 16. Mike
8. Main flashlight 17. Headset socket
9. Fingerprint sensor
Power button
• Press it to turn on or lock the screen.
• Press and hold it to turn the device on or of f.
• Press it and V olume down button simultaneously to capture
a screenshot.
• Press and hold it for about 14s to shut down the phone, and
keep pressing it to reboot the phone.
Home key (virtual)
T ap it to the Home screen.
Recent key (virtual)
T ap it to open the list of recent apps.
Return key (virtual)14
T ap it to go back to the previous screen.
Volume up/down button (physical)
Press it to adjust the device volume.
Installing Nano SIM card / SD card
Before you start using your new phone, you need to set it up.
Press and hold t he power but t on. Select Power off to
turn of f your phone. Remove the card tray from the phone
with the tool supplied .Insert Nano SIM card and Micro SD
Insert Nano -SIM card and Micro-SD card. 15
• Only Nano-SIM cards work with the device. Do not
attempt to insert other SIM type, otherwise it may
cause phone damage.
• Do not remove the Nano-SIM/SD card while the
card is being used; otherwise, data loss or damage
may occur . Hisense shall not be liable to any loss,
including data loss, due to misuse of Nano-SIM/SD
• T urn of f y our phone bef ore r eplac ing or r emoving
its Nano-SIM/SD card.
• Micro-SD card is not included; therefore you need
to buy it separately .
Charging the battery
Charge the battery before using it for the first time or when it
has been unused for extended periods of time.
Connect the USB cable to the USB power adaptor , and
then plug the end of the USB cable into the USB port.
Plug the USB power adaptor into an electric socket.
Af ter the battery is fully charged, disconnect the phone
from the charger . First unplug the charger from the device,
and then unplug it from the electric socket.
Battery charging tips and precautions16
T he bat t ery is built int o t he phone and is not remov-
able. Do not remove the battery by yourself.
• Use only Hisense-appr oved chargers, batteries, and cables.
Unapproved chargers or cables can cause t he bat t ery t o
explode or damage the phone.
• A vo id u si n g yo u r p h on e w h e n i t i s ch a rg i n g. D o n o t co ve r
your phone or the power adaptor .
• Connecting the charger improperly may cause serious
damage to the phone. Any damage caused by misuse is not
covered by the warranty .
• If the AC power supply is of a lower voltage, then a longer
charging time may be needed.
• I f non-standard chargers such as computers are used f or
charging, then a longer charge time may be needed.
• F ully c har ge t he bat t ery bef or e f ir s t us ing t he phone and
disconnect the charger immediately after the first charge is
• Rem ov e t he c har ger f r om t he elec t ric s ock et when not
charging the phone.
• The phone may not start immediately if charging with low
battery . After a period of charging, the phone will start nor-
mally .
• The charging time may vary depending on the ambient tem-
perature and the remaining battery level.
• The phone can be safely charged within the environment
temperature of 0 ℃ to 40 ℃ . Charging at temperatures
below 0℃ or higher than 40℃ will harm the battery perfor-17
mance and shorten its life. Long-term charging in extreme
temperatures will damage the battery .
• Wh il e cha rg in g, the ph one an d the charg er may he at up .
T his is normal and should not aff ect t he phone’s lif espan
or performance. If the battery gets hotter than usual, stop
charging it. Place your phone in a cool place and allow it to
cool down. A void prolonged contact with the surface of your
phone if it becomes hot.
Turning Your Phone On/Off
Turning on the phone
Press the Power button on the right side of phone and wait for a
few seconds until the screen lights up.
When you turn on your phone for the first time or after perform-
ing dat a r es et , f ollow t he ons c r een ins t r uc t ions t o s et up y our
If the battery is empty , make sure you charge it at
least 30 minutes.
Turning off the phone
Press and hold Power button to pop up option menu, select
Power off.18
Touchscreen Gestures
Use a few simple gestures to use your phone and its apps.
T o open an app, to choose a menu item, to press an on-screen
button, or to enter a character using the keyboard on the
screen, tap it with your finger .
Tapping and holding
T ap and hold an item or the screen for more than 2 seconds to
access available options.19
Swipe to the left or right on the Home screen or the Apps screen
to view other panels.
Swipe upwards or downwoard to scroll through a webpage or a
list of items.
Spreading and pinching
Spread two fingers apart on a webpage, map or image to zoom
in a part. 20
Pinch to zoom out.
T o move an item, tap and hold it and drag it to the target posi-
Notification Center
Open notification center
Swipe down from the top edge of the screen to open notifi-
cation center .
Swipe down again from the top edge of the screen to go to
the shortcuts tab.
Set notification options
Go to Settings > Notifications .
Enable or disable notification settings as desired.
Close notification center
Swipe up or press the Home button to close notification center .
Locking and Unlocking Screen
Locking the screen
• Press the Power button to manually lock the screen.
• The screen will lock automatically and enter sleep mode
after it has been idle for a period of time to reduce power
consumption and prevent unintended operations. T o change
t he screen sleep t ime, go t o Settings > Display > Sleep ,
and select a time.
Unlocking the screen
• Press the Power button to wake the screen and swipe up.
Customizing Screen 22
Press and hold the blank area on the screen to access the
home screen editor .
Select WALLPAPERS and WIDGETS to customize your
Changing Date and Time
Go to Settings > Date & time .
• Act ivat e Automatic time zone t o use net work provided t ime
• Activate Use 24-hour format to use 24-hour time.

Using Your Phone
Home Screen
Home screen is the starting point for accessing all of the
phone’s f eat ures. I t dis plays widget s , short cut s t o apps and
Home screen may appear dif ferently depend ing on the
region or service provider .24
Status Bar
It displays status icons and notifications.
Widgets are small apps that launch specific app functions to
provide information and convenient access on your Home
Application Icons
T ap an icon, such as an app or a folder , to open and use it.
Hot dock
It provides quick access to apps in hot dock.
Making calls
1 Tap on the Home screen or the Apps screen.
2 Tap to open the keypad and enter a phone number .
3 Tap to make a call.
Making calls from call logs or contacts list
Tap or , and tap a contact or a phone number to make a
Making an international call25
1 Tap to open the keypad.
T ap and hold 0 until the + sign appears.
Enter the country code, area code, and the phone number .
Then tap .
Receiving calls
Answering a call
When a call comes in, tap to answer the call.
Rejecting a call
When a call comes in, tap to reject the call.
Adding contacts
Creating contact manually
1 Tap on the Home screen or the Apps screen.
2 Tap to enter contact information.
Tap to save.
Adding from the keypad
1 Tap to open .
Enter the number and tap Create new contact.
Adding from received calls
1 Tap .
2 Tap to view received calls.26
Add recieved calls to a contact.
Importing contacts
Y ou can import contacts from storage services to your device.
1 Tap on the Home screen or the Apps screen.
Select an import option.
Searching for contacts
Tap on the Home screen or the Apps screen.
Use one of the following search methods:
• Scroll up or down the contacts list.
• Drag a finger along t he index at t he right side of t he cont act s
list to scroll through it quickly .
• Tap at the top of the screen to search for a contact.
Sending messages
1 Tap on the Home screen or the Apps screen.
2 Tap to create a message.
Add recipients and enter a message.
4 Tap to send the message.
Select contacts
from contact list
Attach files
Send the message Enter a message
Type name
or number27
Add recieved calls to a contact.
Importing contacts
Y ou can import contacts from storage services to your device.
1 Tap on the Home screen or the Apps screen.
Select an import option.
Searching for contacts
Tap on the Home screen or the Apps screen.
Use one of the following search methods:
• Scroll up or down the contacts list.
• Drag a finger along t he index at t he right side of t he cont act s
list to scroll through it quickly .
• Tap at the top of the screen to search for a contact.
Sending messages
1 Tap on the Home screen or the Apps screen.
2 Tap to create a message.
Add recipients and enter a message.
4 Tap to send the message.
Select contacts
from contact list
Attach files
Send the message Enter a message
Type name
or number
Viewing messages
1 Tap on the Home screen or the Apps screen.
Select a contact on the message list.
V iew your conversation.
Searching messages
1 Tap on the Home screen or the Apps screen.
2 Tap to enter key words to search messages.
Y ou can take photos or record videos.
Taking photos
1 Tap on the Home screen or the Apps screen.
Frame your subject on the screen. A green square appears
where the camera is focused.
3 Tap to ta ke a p h o to . Y o u r p i ctu re w i l l b e a u to ma ti ca l l y 28
saved to the Gallery .
Recording videos
Tap to start recording the video.
Tap to stop recording. T o capture an image from the
video while recording, tap .
• Spread two fingers apart on the screen to zoom in, and
pinch to zoom out.
• Tap to switch between front camera and rear camera.
Launching camera on locked screen
T o quickly take photos, launch Camera on the locked screen.
Drag outside the large circle on the locked screen.
Viewing images or videos
1 Tap on the Apps screen.
Select an image or a video.
Deleting images or videos
• T o delete an image or video, select an image or a video and
tap to go to Delete > OK.
• T o delete multiple images and videos, tap on the Gallery
main screen to go to Select item . Then select the images or
videos you desired to delete, and tap to delete the images
or videos.29
Sharing images or videos
Select an image or videos, and tap at the top of the screen.
Select a sharing method.
Y ou can do simple or complex calculations by using Calculator
1 Tap on the Apps screen.
Slide right or left to switch between the standard calculator
and the scientific calculator .
Adding song to your phone
• Copy songs from your computer using USB cable.
• Download songs from the Internet.
• Copy songs with Bluetooth.
Listening to music
1 Tap .
Select a song to play .30
When a song is playing, tap Home button to exit the music
playback screen without stopping the song. T o return to the
music playback screen, open t he not if icat ion cent er and
tap the cover of the song.
Connect the web page to search for information and bookmark
your favorite webpages to access them conveniently .
1 Tap .
Enter the address field in the search bar , and tap . Y ou
can access to web pages; moreover , bookmarks, multiple 31
window switching and other functions are supported.
Setting up email accounts
Set up an email account when opening Email for the first time.
1 Tap on the Apps screen.
Enter the email address and then tap NEXT . Enter the
password and then tap NEXT. T o manually register a com-
pany email account, tap MANUAL SETUP .
Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup.
Sending emails
1 Tap to compose an email.
Add recipients and enter an email text.
3 Tap to send the email.
Important Information
For an optimal experie nce, the phone regula rly connects to mail
and int ernet s erv er s. T his aut omat ically and inev it ably gener-
ates data exchanges that may be charged in addition to your
existing package, or may be deducted from prepaid credit or a
prepaid system.
T o avoid billing problems related to services that use the Inter-32
net, it is strongly recommended to have a suitable option which
includes unlimited Internet and emails and to avoid changing
the settings preconfigured by default.
If you wish, connect to Wi-Fi for a faster and more stream lined
ex per ience. I t is par t ic ular ly r ec om m ended t o us e W i- F i f or
streaming, or downloading games, videos or bulky films.
• The usage of non-original accessories, such as headsets,
chargers and so on, will cause incompatibility between
phone and accessories. It may cause bad performance or
malf unct ion, and we are not responsible f or any damage
that it might occur .
• The user manual only contains general overview . Specifica –
tions and functions of your phone may be dif ferent to those
contained in the user manual.
• Y our phone has been confirmed to work properly since pro-
duced from the factory . If there is any damage or defect due
t o m anuf ac t ur ing, it s hould f ollow t er m s and c ondit ions in
the warranty card.
• I f t he f unct ions of your phone are relat ed t o f eat ures and
services by operator , it should follow the terms and condi-
tions applicable by the operator .
• Note that your phone still has its limitations referring to the
specifications and functions. These limitations cannot be
considered as damage or defect, and cannot be regarded
as manufacturer damage. 33
• Use your ph one in accordan ce wi th the pu rp oses an d
This part lists some problems you might encounter when using
your phone. Some problems require you to call your service
provider , but most of them are easy to be fixed by yourself.
SIM card has error
Ensure that the SIM card is correctly inserted.
No network connection / Dropped network
• Mo ve to w a rd a w i n d o w o r i n to a n o p e n a re a . C h e ck n e t-
work provider coverage map.
• Check whether the SIM card is too old. If so, change your SIM
card at your network provider ’ s nearest branch. Contact your
service provider .
Codes do not match
If you forget the code, contact your service provider .
Calls are not available
• Ensure that there is no dialling error . New network is not au-
• If new SIM card is inserted, check for new restrictions.
• If pre-paid charge reached its limit, contact service provider .34
Phone cannot be switched on
• Ensure to press the Power button for at least two seconds.
• Charge battery . Check the charging indicator on the screen.
Charge has error
• Outside temperature is too hot or cold. Charge the battery .
• Ensure that phone is charging at a normal temperature.
• Check the charger and its connection to the phone.
• Plug the charger into a dif ferent socket.
• Ensure that charger is not defective. If so, replace the char-
ger .
• Use only original accessories.
Impossible to receive or send SMS and photos
Ensure that the storage is sufficient. Delete some messages in
your phone.
Files cannot be opened
Check the supported file formats.
Screen does not light up when receiving a call.
• If you use a protection tape or case, ensure that it has not
covered the area around the light sensor .
• Ensure that the area around the light sensor is clean.
Phone has no sound
Check the settings status in the sound menu to ensure that the 35
phone is not in vibration or silent mode.
Phone hangs up or freezes
Update your software through the website.
Contacts display doubly
Co ntacts are save d in both pho ne and SIM card. Ch eck con-
tacts saved.
App cannot be installed
• Not support ed by service provider or regist rat ion required.
Contact your service provider .
• Y our phone has insufficient storage. Delete some messages
from your phone.
Phone cannot be connected to computer
• Change data cable.
• Change computer port.
Call logs are not saved
Ensure that the time is not wrongly set. Check the time setting.36Copyright
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