Globalsat – GB-1000 – Speed Cadence Combo Sensor Installation Guide

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sensing area explanation
pedal magnet
sensing area
pedal magnet
spoke magnet
sensing area
spoke magnet
Speed/Cadence Combo Sensor Installation Guide
Choose one proper rubber pad and attach it under
speed/cadence combo sensor, then install them
on your bike.
Install spoke magnet (for speed) and pedal magnet (for cadence) as shown
in below pictures. (Sensing distance between sensor and magnet should be
less than 10mm.)
Pedal to trigger sensors and pair with your device.
Please see user manual Q2 Pairing Process for details.
Use screwdriver to adjust the
distance between speed sensor
arm and spoke magnet.
spoke magnet installation
pedal magnet and bands
(tied at inner side)

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