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INSTALLATION GUIDEInstallation Guide 1
Corel® Painter® Installation Guide
The Corel® Painter® Installation Guide documents installation options to
help system administrators carry out an unattended (or silent) installation
on Windows and specify custom settings, such as installation folder, serial
number, and more.
Corel Painter 2018 supports Setup.exe command lines. Each sample
command line provides an example of Setup.exe command lines, which
should meet your installation requirements.
For help with deploying Corel Painter on the macOS, please contact Corel
Preparing for the installation
In preparation for the installation, you need to verify the version of .NET
Framework you have installed.
Verifying the .NET Framework version
Y ou must have .NET Framework 4.6 or later installed before you can install
Corel Painter 2018. If you’re installing from a CD, .NET Framework 4.6 is
included in the installation package. If you’re using electronic software
distribution (ESD), you must ensure that you have .NET Framework 4.6 or
later installed. If you don’t, you can download .NET Framework from
Running the full installer
Y ou can run the full installer (Setup.exe) to install Corel Painter 2018 with
the user interface (UI) visible for an attended installation, or without any
UI for a silent installation.
T o ensure that Corel Painter 2018 functions properly, always restart your
computer after installing, repairing, or updating the product.
Performing a silent installation
The /q switch can be used to perform “silent installations” and restrict the
amount of the user interface (UI) that appears during installation.
Y ou can specify one of the following parameters for the /q switch. The
default parameter for /q is n.
Parameter Effect
n No UI whatsoever. Errors are logged in a file that you
can control by using /l. This is the default parameter.Installation Guide 2
Installing with a pre-defined serial number
T o install with a serial number, use the following command:
“\PathToSetup.exe” /qn SERIALNUMBER=
SERIALNUMBER is a property that defines the serial number and uses the
syntax xxxxxxx-xxxxxxx-xxxxxxx-xxxxxxx. Public properties, such as
SERIALNUMBER, are case-sensitive and must be typed in capital letters. For
The serial number specified by SERIALNUMBER must be valid. If it isn’t, the
silent installation will fail. The validation failure is logged by Windows
Installing at a user-defined location
The default location for installation is the path Program
FilesCorelPainter 2018, but you can use the INSTALLDIR public
property to install the software at a specific location on the workstations.
The value for this property is the desired installation path. If there are
spaces in the path, you must enclose the path in quotation marks. Here’s
the command-line syntax for 64-bit (which also shows a silent installation):
“\PathToSetup.exe” /qn SERIALNUMBER=YK93XXX-DY87XXX-
When using the INSTALLDIR property in a msiexec installation, the path
cannot end with a backslash (/).
Using logging options
Y ou can request the creation of logs at a specified location using the /l
switch with various modifiers. The default parameters for the /l switch are
Y ou can specify one or more of the following parameters for the /l switch.
r Reduced UI: A progress bar, along with a page containing
information about the installation.
b Basic UI: The user sees only a progress bar.
Parameter Effect
i Logs status messages
Parameter EffectInstallation Guide 3
Location and filename of log file
The /l switch can take an additional parameter: the location and filename
of the log file. T ype /l followed by a space; followed by an opening
quotation mark, the path to the log file, the filename of the log file, and a
closing quotation mark. Here’s the command-line syntax (where log_file
is the location and filename of the log file):
V3LNXXX-K3UJXXX /l “Log_file”
If you do not specify a path and filename, the log file is created in the
current user’s Temp folder.
w Logs nonfatal warnings
e Logs all error messages
a Logs initiated actions
r Logs action-specific records
u Logs user requests
c Logs initial user-interface parameters
m Logs error messages about out-of-memory warnings or
fatal exits
o Logs error messages resulting from insufficient hard disk
space during installation to a server
p Logs terminal properties
v Logs very detailed information
x Logs extra debugging information
+ Appends to existing log file
! Flushes each line to the log
* Applies all parameters except v and x, recording all
information in a single log file
/log Can be used in place of /l*
Parameter EffectInstallation Guide 4
The following sample command line uses the default parameters of the
/l switch to log information in the file C:LogsMy_Log.txt during
V3LNXXX-K3UJXXX /l “C:LogsMy_Log.txt”
Using the /qn switch with /l
Y ou can use the /qn and /l switches together. The following sample
command line uses /qn to suppress the user interface during installation
and record errors in the specified log file:
“\PathToSetup.exe” /qn SERIALNUMBER=YK93XXX-DY87XXX-
/l “C:LogsMy_Log.txt”
Combining command line elements
Y ou can combine command line elements, such as properties, switches, and
parameters. The following sample command line shows a silent installation
from a UNC path (rather than a normal map drive) with a predefined serial
number. The command line also shows installation to a custom path and
the creation of a log file to a specified folder.
“\PathToSetup.exe” /qn SERIALNUMBER=YK93XXX-DY87XXX-
V3LNXXX-K3UJXXX INSTALLDIR= “C:Custom_Install_Path” /l
Repairing the software
Y ou can use the command-line switch /qn with the properties
REINSTALLMODE and REINSTALL to repair the software. Here’s the
command-line syntax:
Y ou can specify one or more of the following parameters for the /f switch.
Parameter Effect
p Reinstalls missing files
o Reinstalls missing files and files older than the current
e Reinstalls missing files and files equal to or older than
the current version
d Reinstalls missing files and files different from the
current versionInstallation Guide 5
Removing the software
Y ou can use the command-line switch /x or /uninstall to remove the
Using the /x or /uninstall command line with Setup.exe removes the
entire product.
Here’s the command-line syntax:
Setup.exe /x
Setup.exe /uninstall
T o remove the software and all user files, use the following command-line
Silent removal
Y ou can include the /qn switch in your command line if you want to
silently remove the software:
Setup.exe /x /qn
Updating the software
Corel periodically releases updates for its products. Y ou can install an
update silently after extracting its files.
In this guide, Patch.exe is a placeholder for the filename of the update.
The actual filename varies with each update.
T o extract the update files, use the following command-line syntax:
\PathToPatch.exe /extract_all
c Repairs the software if a file is missing or checks if it
does not match the calculated value
a Reinstalls all files
u Reinstalls all required user-specific registry (default):
m Reinstalls all required computer-specific registry keys
s Reinstalls all existing shortcuts (default)
Parameter EffectInstallation Guide 6
T o install the update silently, use the following command-line syntax:
“\PathToSetup.exe” /qn”
Accessing additional resources
For more information, see the following web resources.
Web resource Description
Corel® Painter® website:
Information about Painter products and
mobile apps, product features, pricing and
Corel® Support Services website:
Information about product features,
specifications, pricing, availability,
services, and technical support
A searchable repository of articles written
by the Corel Support Services teamCopyright © 2017 Corel Corporation. All rights reserved.
Corel® Painter® Installation Guide
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